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  1. Paul, Thank you for your response. I need to think about your words. I will be continuing my exploration. I am a bit confused, as I have indicated, but I will continue on my journey. I will be looking into the authors you mention. Question for you. Do you have a relationship with God? Who is God to you? I am beginning to open up and pose questions that are so important to me at this point in time.
  2. Steve, Thank you for our response. I will need to read it a few more times and allow it to percolate. I will explore the contemplatives and mystics you mention. I acknowledge it is a journey. There has been much pain in this regard over the years. My guess is that I am "wishing" for some peace. I know it will come. Chuck
  3. I am a 60 year old respected professional. I was raised a strict Roman Catholic and all that goes along with that. My parents went to Mass every day. I attended eight years of Catholic grade school. I am realizing that what I experienced in grade school and from the pulpit in the 1960's was "indoctrination." A psychiatrist that I know labels it as "brainwashing." I was told and internalized that the Catholic faith was the one true faith, that there were an infinite number of ways to go to hell, that we were born deficient as exemplified by "original sin," etc. It has been a long journey. As th
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