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  1. Interesting, and thought provoking discussion! I've chosen to believe in the faith of Christianity in its orthodoxy, despite my commitment to science, and acceptance of evolution and dependence on reason. For example, I agree it may not be likely that Jesus was born of a virgin, (from what I recall, this could be taken as a mistranslation by Matthew of the Hebrew word for "young woman"-- however in the end, I don't feel bad for holding two opposing views. It's a dichotomy, it's complex, life is complex, things can be both particles and waves at the same time, and I like that. It's
  2. Thanks everyone for the nice welcome-- sorry I didn't reply sooner, I wasn't getting an email response for some reason, and so didn't know that there was anyone actually using this forum. I'll keep looking around here. Jason
  3. Progressive Christianity to me is getting closer to what Jesus actually intended. Love your neighbour as yourself, love God with every part of your being-- that's the essential bit.
  4. I'm new here, looking for a way to connect with other progressively minded Christians. I am also a musician, and hoping that some visitors here might be blessed by videos I've posted at YouTube.com/jasonsilver These are Psalms which I have been putting to music. I recently bought a camera as well, and have been recording videos to go along with the music. They're not professional, but hopefully a blessing to others. Finally, I also make free worship planning software (ServiceBuilder.net) and I hope that this ministry will help your church out. Feel free to message me or whatever.
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