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  1. In my humble opinion I don't see any diffence between the militant athiest and the fundamentalist Christian. Both of them are using the same techniques/strategies/tone while they point fingers at each other, condemning 'them' for being fueled by hatred and disrespectful.
  2. Well, obviously I'm not going to let anyone hit me, but I've always interepreted the verse to mean - don't be like them! People might be nasty and rude, or narcissistic and self-centered, but don't be like them. Don't respond to their rudeness or narcissism with the same thing. Don't let people drag you down into their bad behavior. Be a better person, take the high road. Very simplistic it seems, but it works for me.
  3. Hello, I'm Kay, new to this website/forum. I'm stuck here in Texas (the home of NOTHING progressive except fracking and open-carry gun laws) although I do go to decent Methodist Church here in Fort Worth. I'm pretty confident in what God ISN'T - just trying to figure out what he/she/it IS. Namaste
  4. I enjoyed Spong's book, "Jesus for the Non-Religous" although I can understand how the first 18 chapters can be viewed as tedious. Basically, he spends the first 18 chapters telling us what Jesus wasn't - debunking the myths with historical fact and study. Some need this, but I didn't. But when I got to chapter 19, Spong started talking about what Jesus was, what he is to Spong and what I can take away Jesus' life and ministry and I found it to be a life changer for me.
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