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  1. PaulS, I have tried reading one of the books about who changed the Bible and why, but I got bogged down in the details. I think I am looking something to speak to my heart rather than my mind at this moment. However, I am looking at the website of Philip Gulley and he has some great PDF files. They seem right on target.
  2. I got my copy of The Shack in the mail. I hoping it will provide some insight. I feel lost at sea, not even knowing where I am heading. I don't know what I do or do not believe anymore. I am starting to feel myself slip into a depression. It is a combination of long standing health issues preventing me from moving forward in life, a broken heart and my confusion about my faith.
  3. I appreciate your thoughtful responses so far. I am 32 years old and I am tired of living under oppression here in the Bible Belt. I constantly am fearing I am not 'following God's plan for my life' or being punished by terrible circumstances for sins I commit. I will grab a copy of the Shack. I have not yet read it.
  4. Having been raised in a fundamentalist series of churches, I have a strong fear of a vindictive God. It gives me quite a bit of anxiety. I am constantly afraid of messing up. Did anyone else struggle with this issue?
  5. I agree with you both, soma and JosephM. My beliefs are changing and I feel like the true religion IS loving others through our actions. I believe it says in the Bible somewhere that true religion is caring for orphans and widows, right?
  6. Thank you steve and NORM for your insights. I have started reading "Misquoting Jesus" out of curiosity. It is interesting so far.
  7. Thank you for the responses. I guess as I question my fundamentalist background that it is hard to know what to believe now about God.
  8. Hi, I admit this topic is something I do not know much about. I am new to Progressive Christianity. Someone once told me that many content changes were made to the Bible over time. Is this true? If so, do you know of a place to read about these? Thank you, SW
  9. Annie, you're right - It can definitely get lonely. I recently watched a very fundamentalist film with a friend in the movie theatre. It was completely appalling to me. We walked out of the theatre and she said, "That movie was awesome!" Everyone I know that has seen it has said so. I am going to try out the local Episcopalian church, perhaps this weekend.
  10. Thank you for sharing so openly. I guess time and education is what I need.
  11. Paul, how long did it take to shed the feelings of condemnation from your fundamentalist past? I feel completely brainwashed.
  12. I just found the progressive Christianity website last night and am excited about this set of ideas. I grew up and still live in the Bible Belt of the Southeast US. I have been a member of a very fundamentalist Southern Baptist church since I was ten years old. My beliefs have been changing as I do not agree with much of the conservative ideas I am constantly confronted with in my social circles. I am in a relationship with an atheist. We are not trying to change each others beliefs and we respect each other. I do have questions about "unequally yoked," and whether it is displeasing to God
  13. Hi everyone, It's great to be here! I am 31 y/o woman and live in the Southern USA. I grew up mainly Southern Baptist and that's where my mindset has been for years. Since my divorce a few years ago, I have been living with my parents in the community where I grew up. I am realizing how little my beliefs line up with those around me. I am searching for a place to believe in God without the highly conservative fundamentalism. I am hoping to find a church in my community where I can worship. This progressive Christianity idea is totally new to me and I am very excited about it. Southern
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