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  1. Most of us say the creed without thinking; the rhythm of the words just carries you right along. I remember being in church as a child, and occasionally just focusing on everyone enunciating the "S"es in the prayers. I do believe words have power and meaning though, and reciting things like the creed, or the Lords Prayer, or the Prayer of Saint Francis is a transformative experience, or should be. It's hard to argue with the latter two, of course [side note: I hate them sung...they should be said] but the creed is so out of date, and it could not possibly be updated to reflect the wid
  2. I just saw the link here on his web site. I've really enjoyed his missives and books; I feel like my eyes are open for the first time. I started reading Bart Ehrman last Lent (seemed like a good time to read it...), and trying to build up my faith again with Marcus Borg and the bishop. When the creed comes around, I don't even say it these days. I don't have any problem with others believing it as written; I don't share my views on it unless asked. Andy Alexis
  3. I have a question for Bishop Spong, and the community at large. I attend a Catholic church with my wife; every mass includes the Nicene Creed, of course, just like the Episcopal Church. What significance should I give to the Creed? It states many things that I do not actually believe in addition to ones that I do. Andy Alexis Sacramento, CA.
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