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  1. Thank you, everyone on this post for insights. It renews my faith in Humanity that there are compassionate and intelligent voices of reason out there. It seems the more the fanatics of every religion try to pigeonhole the written theology, the sillier and harmful they come off. We live in an age and culture where our understanding of God and our religion (should we belong to one), must evolve, or slowly bleed its own death through clinging to its irrelevance by mostly black or white, either/or thinking. After much reflection and 5 1/2 decades in this life, I have evolved an aversion to literal
  2. Well said, Dutch. I look at tradition salvation theology as little more than a religious protection racket. Sure, you needn't accept the 'free' gift, it's Your Choice. If ya don't, uhhhh, who knows, (shrugs) tings could happen... Is it a coincidence that the Vatican and the Italian Mafia hail from the same place? How much did culture play into this the last, say, two thousand years?
  3. Hello Gardener, this is my 1st step communicating with like-minded folks that don't descend into tribalism and the negative bits we humans seem to create in that medium. I'm sorry your parents sound very sick. Are they near the end-of-life stage? If so, at least relatively comfortable with proper medications and the support folks trained to care for people in your parents' position? What comes up for you regrading their situation? Wishes, hopes, regrets, could've, should uv's, and would uv's? Are there things you're having difficulty accepting? You sound like a nice, thoughtful fellow. I'
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