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  1. Ok this is strange . I post on a Christianity Forum and get an Atheist view on Novak. I posted on a forum taken over by Atheist called Evc (Evolution/Creationism) and actually got a Christian response. The thing is I know Novak is not necessarily sincere or a serious thinker. I am not surprised that his other writings are so unimpressive. I guess my interest was in the book itself. He makes alot of assumptions about atheist while trying to appear open minded. So here is the reply I got on Evc in response to this same post. Alright. So I have not read the whole book, nor even a majority of
  2. I have just began reading a book titled No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers by Michael Novak I am not sure what to make of it so far. I bought the book to see what he says about the Intelligent Design Debate. So far I am not impressed. His book is very well written in some ways but his reasoning ability is lacking. Like other Christian thinkers he often frames topics with the word hate. Why do Atheist "hate" design for example. I will post more on here as I get through more of his book. My main interest besides the ID debate is to understand how Christians think so
  3. Please visit my new website at The Spiritual Anarchist I have completely redesigned my site and I am adding content almost daily
  4. I have found an interesting facebook page for spiritual atheist. I notice that there seem to be a lot of Spiritual Atheist on here so I thought people might want to check it out. Spiritual Atheist on Facebook
  5. I am a new writer but I have not published a book yet so I can not ask anyone here to review any of my books on here. I have however been working on essays that I would like peoples opinion on. So I was wondering if I could post a link to my essays somewhere on this site? Since this is the book review part of the site I figured I would ask this here. I also am working with a group of people to start a publishing company. So if there are any writers here that lean towards Spiritual Atheism or Mysticism or basically any philosophy that challenges organized religion or even that c
  6. Ironically there is a movie coming out about this very topic. http://www.hellboundthemovie.com/ Apparently as on most topics Christianity can not decide on this subject either . I have not seen the movie yet but the website pointed me to a resource a book actually Shades of Sheol: Death and Afterlife in the Old Testament The movie is about Christian Theology and Universalism but this book goes even further back to Judaism and their conflicting views on the after life. I am providing these links as alternative views because I am not a Christian and so I do not accept Hell or
  7. I want to thank both of you for replying and in such a nice way. I just got through watching a documentary called Lord Save Us From Your Followers. I believe Dan Merchant was the film maker. The one thing the film did not address was the divide between believer and and atheist/agnostics. He seemed very frusterated with Bill Maher having so many points to make. But I notice he did not interview Bill Maher. I guess at this point I feel like my book has a mostly atheist audience because atheist will be open to any book that criticizes religion. But when atheist see my view on their closed minded
  8. Hello all. I have been studying Philosophy since I was 11 years old along with Anthropology. I believe Jesus,Buddha,and Socates have something in common. All were teachers that wrote nothing down. All of these teachers have had institutions misrepresent what they actually taught. And all the teachers I have mentioned have influenced history with their teaching and possible lost teachings that resurface in pieces. And finally none of these teachers have left a historical footprint. That is history can not demonstrate they actually existed. If we are to take our world as a physi
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