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  1. Keeping up with the concept of Christianity being all inclusive and focusing on the hoilistic concept to unify the espiritual experience into a whole one being, can this concept be bridged and make a connection to other religions that are already on this path, like pantheism and buddism and motivate other religions change direction to a new and simmilar path. The movement of progressive Christianity is challenging, as is, due to the resistanse to change by a large majority; however, the concept of looking at all main religions, keep the good, get rid of the bad, may be the most fudamental cha
  2. I am pasionate about modernizing religion(s) and I am very impressed and happy to find this movement to take christianity to the next level by incorporating what we have learned in science and history. I think this new road map to change the future direction of Christianity would benefit all and would provide the opportunity to engage the new generations in an exiting, proactive and intelectually estimulating way. The new generations need a venue to keep changing, learning, improving and eliminate unnessesary divisions and descriminations, that lead us to fight wars, dislike each other. We
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