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  1. Hi Diamond, And a warm welcome to you too! I checked and there are a few Nova Scotians here. My desktop computer has developed major problems so I'm on my tablet which lm not very good at using. Real slow. Hopefully I'll be back to normal in a week or so and we can chat more then. All the best, Monty
  2. After thinking on this a bit more I think a person would know if they were "integral" or not, but I find it unlikely that someone at the integral level would make a statement to that effect.
  3. I live in an urban area of about 300,000 which is mostly populated by mainline churches. There is one small Unitarian Universalist Church. All I know about Unitarian Universalism is what I have read on the internet so I know very little. With more and more Christians calling themselves progressive (in varying degrees), I was wondering why more Unitarian Universalist Churches aren't springing up?
  4. I read the Beams and Struts article and I liked it. I guess it does fall under what I see as Integral Christianity. When looking over a list of contributors to the site I did notice the label "Certified Integral Coach" and after poking around a little it appears a whole industry has bloomed around the word "integral".
  5. Hi Dutch, The Beams and Struts people are new to me so I've bookmarked them for future reference. I remember during my working career doing the Myers-Briggs tests but was hung up on whether I considered my self introverted or extroverted. After the test our boss had us split into introvert and extrovert groups for some discussion and I sat with the introverts. Our boss (very extrovered) indicated I should move into the extrovert area as I was definitely not introverted. So like everything one is a mix and hard borders are a falicy. I found Smith's book very enjoyable to read becaus
  6. I am a new member and thought some of you may be interested in the book "Integral Christianity" by Paul R. Smith. These paragraphs are excerpts of my posting from the Introduce Yourself forum: Over the years I've continued to read both Buddhist and Christian books - reading a few of Ken Wilber's books; most of the books by Marcus Borg, A.H. Almaas, Michael Morwood, Cynthia Bourgeault, Tom Harpur, Jim Marion; and some of Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, John Dominic Crossan, Robin Meyers, Bart Ehrman, John Cobb, Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki, Robert Mesle, Acharya S/D.M. Murdock, Eckhart Tolle, Bar
  7. Putting aside any thoughts of adhering to a religion may indeed help. Meditaton may be of some help. There are two forms of Christian meditation that I am aware of: - Christian Meditation as revitalized by John Main and continued by Laurence Freeman - Centering Prayer of Thomas Keating and Cynthia Bourgeault Caution: Meditation may exacerbate your problems instead of helping so please consult with a health care professional first!
  8. Greetings From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada I slowly became disenchanted with mainline churches and started reading other viewpoints. One of the first was "Putting Away Childish Things" by Uta Ranke-Heinemann. I found my beliefs drifting further and further from mainline Christianity. Feeling the need to fill this void I researched a few religions to see if something resonated and Buddhism did. I began taking Buddhist meditation classes, workshops and retreats in 1995 at the Shambhala Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia and have been meditating on and off since that time with just as m
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