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  1. For me, Progressive Christianity is the received tradition, chastened. PC opens the received tradition to science, the social sciences, philosophy, literature and other religious systems. It acknowledges that Christianity -- indeed, spirituality generally -- is a piece of the whole and is not the exclusive repository of all truth. PC, at its best, is not arrogant and closed, but humble and open.
  2. I've done research on various theories of what happened on the cross. The typical American evangelical approach has been presented as "The Four Spiritual Laws." It goes something like this: * A gulf was formed between God and humans because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. * Through their sin, the universe permanently changed and became a place of death, destruction, sin and the alienation of humans from God. * Yeshua's life, and particularly his death on the cross, allowed some humans to bridge the gulf and be reconciled with God. * If we accept Ye
  3. Thanks, Joseph, Paul, George & Pete. Kind of you to welcome me.
  4. Someone once said (it may have been Marcus Borg or Thomas Cahill, I forget) that Jesus replaced the laws of purity with the laws of compassion. The problem of parsing scripture is a tough one because it has accrued so many layers over so many years. I think it's legitimate to struggle with what Jesus did or didn't actually say. I sense that many people bring their own ideology to scripture and use that as the lens through which to organize it. Maybe if we used the (likely) teachings and example of Jesus as that lens, we'd have a better picture. As to the question of divorce: Jesus' answe
  5. I've been following PC for four years (mainly because the 8 points seemed both refreshing and informed). I recently retired as an Episcopal priest and my wife and I moved to Ohio to be nearer children and grandchildren. My checkered past included a long stint in the Air Force as a fighter pilot (F-16, F-4, mainly), whereupon I needed something more dangerous. Hence, the Episcopal priesthood. Now, after about 20 years in the priesthood, I'm retired...again. Except I've decided to start a blog and have an extremely vertical learning curve (RSS feeds, FTP's, plug-ins and other esoterica). I
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