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    I'm a single parent of two kids with special needs. Looking for a spiritual home and community. Inspired by Bishop Spong, Marcus Borg, and believe it or not, the late Mr. Rogers. I love good films - when I can get to the movies these days - and really enjoy cooking. Also a coffee/espresso snob.
  1. Jim, First off, let me say Welcome! We are happy you joined. Next, regarding the weakening of Faith that you spoke of. On the subject of Faith, I find the Progressive Christian Marcus Borg to be most helpful. He describes 4 forms of Faith that I will briefly describe: 1). Faith as Belief - the most common form of Faith, as in the belief in a creed or set of facts or in an entire book. 2). Faith as Fiducia - the Latin root of the word Fiducial which is Trust. It is the idea that one trusts in God and the ways of God. 3). Faith as Fidelitas - Fidelity, being in a committed relati
  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum. Of course, I have to ask, why are you reluctant? Are you what JS Spong would refer to as a "Believer in Exile"? Anyway, hope to learn more about your story. Derek
  3. Johnny, I am, like you, just starting out in this new world of Christianity. For me, so far, it has been more of a change in attitude in my daily life. I feel much more patient and calm around other people, which I hope shows. I am also playing more with my kids. One other thing, I am getting into the habit of praying before I eat. I don't make a big public show of it, just pause, bow my head, and say a quick thanks to God. Derek.
  4. Paul, I find the topic of this post, and your icon picture to be ironic. Those two cats are also displaying the Pauli Exclusion Principle, in a way. Perhaps they are Shroedinger's cats. Derek
  5. Raven, I notice something about myself that I suspect is true of a lot of people. When there is an issue with which I am struggling, I tend to reveal that struggle publicly in some way. Example: I have made several attempts in my life to become vegetarian, and failed at all of them. Although I believe it is the moral choice, I struggle with the fact that I like the taste of meat. So, what do I do? I go around announcing to everyone that "I am vegetarian", and that "I don't eat meat anymore," etc... What have I just done? Announce to the world that this is an issue with which I strug
  6. Stas, I too have an interest in Buddhism - Buddhist meditation that is. Also, the Buddhist way of Compassion for all things fits hand in hand with the concept of Christian Love. I have not yet read anything by Don Cupitt. Is there any particular book you recommend? Welcome to the forum, Derek
  7. I understand a LOT of thought went into the new 2011 version of the 8 points. I agree, it is more inclusive. It needs to be kept. However, I find the original 8 points to be a bolder statement: especially the 8th point about the costliness of following Jesus and renunciation of privilege. Most everyone would agree with "selfless love" and "resistance to evil," but few people are really willing to think about giving up the privileges they feel they have earned. It is a bold statement that challenges us to change. Thus, please do not throw away the original version. Derek.
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Jonnyb - I read some of your posts and think we read the same authors and are very much in a similar place. George - yes, I feel much the same. I don't have to agree 100%, as long is there isn't something I strongly object to. A central issue for me, though not the only one, is that I am gay. A church for me would have to be progressive enough to accept that - and NOT in the spirit of "we welcome all sinners to our church," but in the spirit of "homosexuality is not a sin." I also accept that even in an accepting church, not 100% of the congregants will
  9. Greetings and blessings to this forum. I live and work in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and am a single adoptive parent of two kids. Being a singe parent is definitely a spiritual path, and as the title of this post suggests, I am increasingly seeing Progressive Christianity as a good fit for me. Having read several posts in this forum, it comes as no surprise that I, quite independently, arrived at this place after reading authors such as John Spong and Marcus Borg. I still find the idea of calling myself a Christian uncomfortable at times because of its association with the fundamentalist
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