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  1. "The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one". - Matthew 13:38. Of course it is not our job nor ability to judge the ultimate soul of anyone. I would be upset if everyone thought the way I thought. We would never find the truth or come up with different ideas. I have reached the following thought process. Of course feel free to disagree or agree to disagree. 1) Natural evil was a precursor to moral evil 2) Denying natural evil means that we deny moral evil 3) Natural evil is the desire for selfish DNA
  2. When we take away the obvious forgeries and contradictions that made it into the much later written gospels, what are we left with? The most intelligent teaching the world has ever known. To me, the intelligence is beyond human. For someone to live at that time and get these concepts that we are just now understanding and still wrestling with is almost beyond belief to me. Since these do not have a central nervous system to experience pain, and combining the fact that they do not have a brain to imagine yourself as, it is impossible to break the golden rule with them. There is no reas
  3. Below is the most succinct explanation I have heard for the problem of evil (taken from here http://sguthrie.net/evil.htm). Point one below refers to the question at hand and while I initially thought this was not a good explanation, I am starting to think it is a better explanation than I originally thought.
  4. I was watching the Big Bang Theory and slowed the intro down to a crawl to see all the pictures. You can actually see all of them here http://haraldkraft.d...ebigbangtheory/ This got me thinking about how the stars starting eating each other. When the the stars eat each other, there is no suffering. Yet there is suffering when we eat each other because of mind. This got me looking into theories on when life first started on earth. Something that was interesting was how it is possible that the building blocks of life came through comets to earth. Just as how the moon has craters from astero
  5. Sorry I meant to say above I have not read any of this philosophy that you are referencing. Obviously I have read a limited amount of philosophy. So where do we stand? We don't know why natural evil was allowed? It was necessary to create moral evil? Natural evil does not exist in the first place? Natural evil is simply the lack of God similar to how cold (absolute zero temperature) does not actually exist? It could be any number of reasons but we are unsure which one(s)? etc.
  6. Since I have never read any philosophy, you seem to be going over my head Going back to my quote from Christ, I have three options 1) Christ is literal in his discussion of the devil. This seems rather unlikely considering our current knowledge of life. 2) The devil is simply ego. When the devil (aka "ego") takes Christ on a forty day journey, this is simply Christ's own ego tempting him. This makes perfect sense in the realization that we all have a inner demon tha tempts us, yet at the same time is a complete manifestation of something completely separate from reality. This does not
  7. It seems that life is designed to be this way. As soon as we judge or condemn anyone, we have also condemned ourselves. If I am correct in my belief that life was designed to be centered around Christ, then suffering is a pre-requisite for us to become Christ-like.
  8. Natural evolution has built in us a desire to reproduce with as many others as possible, to lie, cheat, steal, kill, etc. to get what we want at any cost and survive. Every single moral evil can be traced to the precursor of natural evil. It is only recently that we have developed the moral and emotional intelligence to know when this is wrong. We can now follow the golden rule of doing to others what we would want done to ourselves if we were them. It is the choices of the heart that Christ talked about. According to the Gospel of John, Christ says "You belong to your father, the devil, a
  9. Obviously it would be terrible to divide the world into saints and sinners. I don't even like applying personal blame. But ignoring acts of evil will not stop it. It is just going to let it flourish. When Christ says that when we lust after others we have already committed adultery in our hearts, should we ignore this teaching because it teaches us to think in terms of good and evil? Whether we like it or not, knowledge of good and evil is here to stay on earth. Two hundred years ago, we claimed that whites are obviously meant to be free and blacks are meant to be slaves. Blacks are, a
  10. Yes, they do. Which is a result of natural evil. I suspect that 99% of the public would agree that factory farms are disgusting. Yet we put 99% of the animals we eat through factory farms. I am hoping that something like cultured meat (real meat, just without the suffering) or changes in the human heart will eradicate this natural evil and replace it with the wolf living with the lamb. I think this is certainly a good outlook until I find an answer to the question.
  11. This mostly summarizes it. You make a good point about evil being defined from the perspective of those affected. But no matter what we call it, suffering is still suffering. Why is there suffering allowed to take place that is not the result of free will? I think we agree here. I am simply stressing the importance of not accepting the status quo more since I know things can be changed. This just comes at the expense of some tough and uncomfortable questions. I like where you are coming from though. I think everyone has to deal with things like this. I know I certainly have t
  12. I agree that good can be relative to the perspective of the describer. That is why we need to try to look at this from as unbiased a viewpoint as possible. I also agree that we have a very human centered viewpoint. All throughout history we have just assumed that we are the center of everything. We have fought, sometimes violently, to prove that the sun revolves around the earth or that the earth is the center of the Universe. We are needing to re-evaluate whether we are the whole picture or simply a piece of the puzzle. Our ego has become inflated because of what privileges God has given
  13. Can you put in laymen's terms why natural evil does not exist? Whether we call it by a different name does not really matter to me. Either way we put it, we see suffering that does not have an immediate explanation. Why create a carnivore? What is the purpose? The only reason I mentioned Adam and Eve is to say that the original explanation for suffering we see in the world is traced to Adam and Eve. I reject this explanation in general since we know based on God's actual evidence that suffering and death existed for millions of years before this supposed Adam and Eve story. To me it is sim
  14. For this discussion, let's ignore moral evil since it does not present a tough theological question. Let's instead focus on natural evil and describe natural evil as anything that causes suffering that does not have a moral agent behind the suffering and does not have some greater good. This excludes small amounts of pain since pain is what keeps us alive and our hand away from the fire. What about the carnivorous animals though? Why create them when their only option is to cause suffering to others to live? Some suffering could have a greater good behind it or some suffering could have a mora
  15. On a practical level, I think that it stands to reason that if there is a God, that he is good. On a personal level, I believe in the ideas Christ talked about and a place where the wolf lives with the lamb as Isaiah says. When we look at people who have near death experiences, there are just way too many people from way too many walks of life that report essentially the same death experiences for us to claim that they are lying (although some certainly are). I think it is difficult to deny the experience in general. These people have their entire lives transformed by these experiences tha
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