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  1. As this is the JSS topic stream, I will give my opinion about JSS and the Nicene creed as I have heard JSS speak several times and I have read many of his books. He does attend services and terms his recitation of all the liturgy as a "love song". If you ask a direction about certain beliefs he eloquently defers as he believes belief and faith are individual journeys. I have been a member of his forum, but recently left because I can get his ideas in edited form from his books. I am going to allocate the member fee to a charity. A free forun worth loking at is Harry Cook., a retired PE pri
  2. Welcome to a Forum which always makes me think. It is amazing how many Progressive Christians came, as Spong through the evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity route in their spiritual journey to Progressive Christianity. I am a deist who sees aspects of panentheism, paganism, Sufi path, and a whole lot of other spiritual paths in my search for God. The Episcopal Church is my main spiritual home. Kay
  3. Spong's autobiography "Here I stand" presents his amazing life story from young boy toBishop. He is one of the most admiral person I know, makes me proud and hopeful to be a Christian. Elaine Pagels has written some very interesting books covering Gnosticism and various other scolarly topics in an easy to read style. She "walks the walk" as a professor at Princeton. Kay
  4. Amen I too have Christian friends of all diferent persuations from holy rollers to frozen chosen Presbys to tasteful Episcopalians (me) to Catholics and former Catholics. I am a searcher which means I go to Sufi retreats, Hari Krishna celebrations, and many more events of the "others" I read Spong and Borg with relish, but I also listen to my Fundy and Evangelical friends with a selective ear. When gays or the subject of abortion or the inerrancy of the Bible come up I politely listen with a surging cloud of wrath and indignation rolling around my head. God is such an amazing "gr
  5. Elaine Pagels has also written some great books on this subject
  6. Several years ago I read C Hitchen's and Sam Harris's books and perused around several atheist discussion boards. After awhile I got tired of the negativity and flaming etc. I still go to Sam Harris's site as I think he will be as much of an important author as Hitch was(may he rip). I already like what you write as you have a way with words. Welcome!
  7. kaykuck

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    How eloquently you write, especially about salvation and Jesus dying for our sins. I can use these concepts intermittently.For instance in the song "Was blind but now I see", I feel it describes an 180 degree turnaround in my own life. Growing into a better understanding of God and Jesus, realizing that my attitude towards homosexuality and my inherent racism are concepts that have taken me years to overcome and a Jesus of salvation fits in there somewhere. Jesus dying for our sins is more problematic. I struggle with he meaning of the resurection every year at Easter. Heaven and Hell are
  8. Just because a church isn't on the list doesn't mean it is not liberal and open. Ask around for churches that are more liberal; certain denominations tend towards being liberal. Episcopal, Unitarian, and Church of God tend in this direction. I wonder if asking a fundy what churches they think are going to hell might be another way. Good luck in your search and let us know what happens.I am mainly a lurker, but thoroughly enjoy reading.
  9. I just got back from a church retreat with a bunch of liberal Episcopalians,some whom I have known for thirty years. We had workshops which were very "spiritual but not religious" a phrase which drives me crazy. We created story boxes using strips of felt and a plethora of materials from Michaels. The results were sometimes painful but always revealing as people described intimate details of their life stories using novel methods. What does this have to do with the creationists? They want a cheap easy spirituality which any ideal can engender. How about the flying spaghetti monster , a co
  10. Wow, Sam Keen! I went through a stage where I read almost everything he wrote especially the out of print "To A Dancing God" which was a mainstay in my church circles(Episcopal) in the eighties.His spiritual growth from fundamentalist in the South(like Spong) to Harvard and Princeton educated academic to Editor of Psychology Today to Trapeze Artist and around again to husband of the Reverend Patricia de Jong, United Church of Christ minister in Berkley is well documented in numerous books. His belief that group transcendant experiences being dangerous is woefully demonstrated by the curr
  11. I have seen some churches mention gluten-free bread so I am sure it is yours for the asking. Gluten-free is the new fad, but the gravity of having celiac disease reminds me how important it is to have gluten-free bread. Kay
  12. I can't decide of the acting is wonderful or overwrought cussing blather. Interesting in any case . How does this remind you of the Parable of the Pharasee and the tax collector? Kay
  13. You are going to have to do some "church hopping" because you can't get a feel for a church without attending at least one service and talking to people after the service. I can recommend progressive Episcopal churches for their liturgy which you would find familiar as a former Catholic and their wide range of people attending. A "true" progressive Episcopal church is much harder to find; I went to the list of progressive churches in my state(Georgia) and only found one listed for the entire state so many progressive churches have not signed up, I guess. Good luck in your quest. Any Budd
  14. I have been in the same Episcopal Church since '79, they embraced my "unwed pregnancy" in '88 and I am dealing with the rejection of my 23 year old son of church as well as other social institutions! A great way to judge a church is its Sunday School and Education ; good luck in your quest! My motherhood was an accident, but the most rewarding part of my life thus far. Kay
  15. Welcome Patricia! I am also an old Spong subscriber and usually a lurker But I decided to try to remember my signin(which I remembered after only 2 tries) so here I am. Great interactions here and no mention of conspiracy theories! (We had some people on the Spong forum who loved them) Kay
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