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I am unmarried and my only child is my fat cat Felix. I became disabled by a stroke at the tender age of 49. I am hungry for knowledge and thirsty for wisdom. I've a quick wit and love a good chuckle. I find the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so I may sound cryptic when I write.


I came to this forum looking for people who believe as I do. I found that, and so much more. I was raised in a very conservative Catholic parish, tried being a Lutheran for a while, tried the whole charismatic/evanglical thing,and the New Age thing, then was agnostic, now I'm a Christian with some Buddhist ideas thrown in. Through each phase, I remained on the path of mysticism. How ironic. I spent some time pursuing intellectual knowledge and swung far to the side of reason and logic. Now I am hoping to find a balance between the scholar and the mystic.

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