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About Me

Dear friends,


Noting the virtual limitations on personal contact, I'll try to give a brief sense of myself. Born Sept. 18, 1951 in Lake Charles, LA, I was raised in a family of 7 children in the Baton Rouge area. Like a lot of folks around there, we pretty much held to Roman Catholic religious traditions.


After 15, I abandoned traditional Christianity and gravitated toward more expanded views of comparative religion, philosophy and metaphysics, yoga and mysticism, cosmology, psychology, etc. I've lived in Louisiana, Hawaii, California, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, and for the last 20+ years in Southwest Florida.


I have been blessed with two daughters and a son through relationships that did not last, and was wed in '02 to my loving spouse and best friend – Susan Meyers-Melody. Together we now have 8, make that 9 (Gracelyn Faith born 5/22/12) grandchildren.


In 1980, after a decade of intense searching for God, Love, and Truth, I felt that I had entered upon a reasonably stable path leading to permanent spiritual enlightenment, Self-realization, or some such state. By chance, I was challenged to read the Urantia Papers and, having previously done a cursory examination, replied somewhat derisively to the effect that such an effort would be a foolish waste of time. Such a judgement before detailed analysis offended my own sensibilities, therefore I felt obligated to a thorough and in-depth perusal, which I confidently expected would result in an informed dismissal.


This did not turn out to be the case; rather, from the Foreward on, my understanding of theology, cosmology, history, religion, and the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth was profoundly realigned. I studied the 2000+ pages night and day, finishing this first read in 3 weeks. Suffice it to say that after 30+ years and multiple readings, I continue to be influenced and blessed through studying the UPapers.


Presently I work as an interior/finish carpenter in the Naples, FL area. I view the absence of a high-quality, multi-generational, full-spectrum religio-social support network inspired by the latest epochal revelation as a monumental challenge for loving service, to both individuals and society.


Said Jesus, "God is Love." Glory be to God.

In Love, Peace, Friendship, and Service,


M. Brent Melody

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