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  1. You are now a member and may post on our forum. You can click on "View New Items" in the upper right hand corner and see what was posted since your last visit. Stop by the News forum and read the top three posts about compassionate posts, information for new members and and our guidelines for use of copyrighted material.

    Also poke around. You may find an older thread or topic...

  2. In his latest weekly message, Bishop Spong elaborates on many issues that seem to be causing a decline in active Christian practice, especially church membership and participation. To add that list, recent events seem to suggest that the delusion of a God-protector is just that, a delusion, leading to a possible conclusion that the historic church has been promulgating falsehood or at least false hopes. It may also be seen that the historic, institutional church's reading of it's holy book is also false in that the message of the writer has been taken literally rather than metaphorically. S
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