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My name is Bill and my journey has been a long and somewhat tumultuous one. I was saved when I was 12-years-old and spent the next 40 years as an evangelical Christian. I eventually became a Progressive Christian when I read the writings of Spong, Borg, Crossan, and McClaren. But the God I believe in and experience is not the supernatural God of the Bible, not the God of Christianity. The Jesus I believe in is not Jesus as the Bible portrays him to be. And the Bible, while interesting, is no longer sacred or holy to me. I'm far more comfortable calling myself a non-theist or a positive humanist. I'm still attracted to the person of Jesus, I still ponder the topic of God, and I still occasionally glean the Bible for nuggets of ancient wisdom. But I'm far more interested in how we, as individuals, can make the most and the best of our lives and our world.

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