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  1. Kay! YES - so many books so little time!!!!!
  2. Ive just discovered him, and Im loving his writing! Im a bit confused though. I know he has left the "church" but does he still define himself as a Christian? The book Im reading now, written in 1974, is so eloquent and beautiful and inspiring about Christ, but Im wondring if he would still stand by what he wrote in this book!
  3. Its one of the things that scares me about sunday school, and what my kids are learning - Alec came home talking about how God killed everybody in the flood. I told him that I dont think God really did that - that it was people trying to tell stories about floods and why they happened, and that maybe, they got the story wrong. If Im going to keep being a believer in Jesus - and I want to be! - I just cant believe that he is part of a God who ordered all these folks murdered....so I will have to go with one of the alternative explanantions, and not accept the OT as factual. This discussion
  4. Thank you both for your responses! Glintofpewter - The mythical angle is quite interesting, and I will have to look into this further. You asked the difference between 5 and 6 - from my reading, the people who believe point 5 (as above) just have decided a good God would not order mass killing, and therefore the writers got it wrong - period. Those who believe in point 6 believe the authors got it wrong, but seek to offer an explanation - that our God is a God who has revealed himself slowly throughout time, and until the arrivel of Jesus, people did not understand the truly loving nature of
  5. Hi everyone - Ive been thinking a lot about the slaughter of the canaanites in the old testament, and how it seems to go against everything that is in Gods character. I just cant imagine him ordering new babies to be slaughtered! Ive done some reading on the matter, and here are some of the explanations Ive run across - 1)It was a "just" and good thing for God to do, we just dont know why 2) God didnt really "do" it, He is just "allowed" it when he got completely fed up with the canaanites, and their lack of submission, and lack of love. 3) The Canaanites were so evil, we cant even unde
  6. Hi Norm - I started a new topic, because I see there were lots of responses on the topic you started "where do I go from here", and I thought Id start one for you based on reading ideas....Ive gotten very into progressive christianity in the past year, and Ive joined the episcopalian church.....the reading Ive been doing has really inspired me...I recommend an Irresistablle Revolution by Shane Clayborne, anything by Philip Yancey, Greg Boyd, Brian Mclaren, Dallas Willard, Philip Gulley....these guys dont agree with each other on every point under the sun (far from it) but all are open, loving,
  7. I love Philip Gulley! I havent read his fictional stuff, but I love the books "If love is real" and "If grace is true" (I may be getting the names confused, but I read them both) Im not 100 percent sure I agree with everything Gulley says, but I love his kindness, his loving understanding of God, his writing style - just everything! Zaidagal
  8. Hello Janet and thanks for your reply! For some reason, the note I sent back went without text....anyway....The way I see CS lewis's "inclusivism" is this - he made a few statements about "the door to heaven being wide open, and people choose to walk in or out" which is quite an expansive view. In the last book of the narnia series, a character gets into heaven without having followed Aslan - but Aslan makes some kind of statement "though you thought you were following another, you really were following me" (that is misquoted badly)...Finally, I believe CS Lewis came right out and said "Jesus
  9. Ive just noticed that all of the writers I love - Dallas Willard, Philip Yancey, Greg Boyd, Clarke Pinnock, Scott Peck - they all have been called heretics! I guess Im a heretic lover, lol! Seriously - how come anybody who has an interesting/new/thought provoking idea or interpretation, others have to scream "heretic" at them! It drives me nuts! Those are all the writers who have helped me to become a Christian, and stay a Christian! Id say thats a GOOD thing, not a heretical thing!
  10. Oh I like that statement "I dont want to become what I dont like"....I need to remember that for every walk of my life! Thanks for all of your comments and stories about your children. Alec is certainly giving me challenges with all of his questions...he wants to know what God looks like, what heaven looks like, etc etc....his questions remind me to be thoughtful, answer truthfully, but in a way he can understand...Im just waiting for my 3 year old, Arran, to start in as well! Im trying to explain to them the idea that we can "believe" without "knowing"....Ive told them both that many
  11. Hi everyone - Ive been following this very interesting discussion! I probably dont have anything wise to contribute, but just thought Id express a few thoughts. I kinda feel that we should "be" the changes we want to see in the Christian world...so that means accepting people even with fundamentalist views, who are exclusivist in their thinking/being....if they see "us" excluding others, then that makes us not that different from them in a way - you know what I mean?....I think the rule should be "respectful discourse" - rude comments will not be accepted - but all opinions (even exclusivist o
  12. Hi everyone! My boys have started attending sunday school in the lovely episcopalian church I belong to. My 5 year old son also goes to "anchor boys" in a more conservative church (Im not thrilled with some of it but the folks are lovely and Alec has friends there)....He has been talking a lot about God. My 3 year old doesnt really talk about God yet. So, Im trying to find answers for Alec that are not too confusing, but also that are "real" answers. Ive tried to explain to him that in different countries people call God different names; he asked me what God looks like and I said nobody re
  13. Hello! And welcome to this board. Im pretty new to it, too....have you thought of trying the episcopalian church? I have truly found a "home" within this church! Its christian, beautiful service, communion every week, focus on Jesus, but there is a very open feeling, all ideas looked at and talked about, and most important, a real respect for people of other religions and other paths to finding God - it was very important to me to find a church that had this stance. I have heard from other people on this board that they found a home here, too. Ofcourse I realize there are many battles withing
  14. I love that rivanna - what you wrote about "taking the Bible seriously (but not literally)"....you are right, there are so many worthwhile lessons in the Bible, and every time one reads it, something new is learned....and there is so much beauty, as well....
  15. Marsha - I agree with you, about longing for home...and I love the way Madeleine speaks of us getting "glimpses" of it and then it vanishes....I have a similar experience sometimes with my love for my children...sometimes I feel such an intensity but then I cant seem to "grasp" it if you know what I mean...its almost too much...I dont think Im expressing myself coherently!
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