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    Hi! Pliny reported that followers of Jesus from the early 2nd century CE were praying to Christ as "to a god". Every time I take food I do so with the knowledge that the life in that food is our Father giving his own life so that I/we may have life. When I share a meal with family, friends, or other brothers and sisters in God's family, it somehow makes us one with each other. And, with the understanding of God as the one in whom "we live and move and have our being . . ." one with him as well. Jesus was criticized for "eating with tax collectors and sinners" and his fellowship was availab
  2. Hello, and this is also my first post outside of the welcome board. This is only my own view, and I am so at peace with it: The Jesus of history, for me, is very important. The gospels purport to be a reconstruction of an orally transmitted history. This means that there is a great amount of room for literary liscense on the part of first century believers. This is not to say that his words and works as we have them in the bible are falsifications, but rather show what early followers had come to believe about him. However, some of the parables and one-liners recorded in the go
  3. Thanks everyone. My heritage is tsalagi (cherokee). My cherokee name is Tsisqua, meaning "Bird". I'm originally from West Virginia, and currently live in Southeast Ohio. My faith is Christianity, and although I attend a very right-wing evangelical baptist church my own views are extremely progressive . . . about evolution, Earth age, sexual orientation, and scriptural inerrancy. I believe the bible contains the word of God, and I am a follower of Jesus, but I also believe that his first disciples began very early to think of him in highly mythological terms. The work of mod
  4. Hello, everyone I just wanted to say that I've searched a long time for this type of discussion board. I look forward to making some new friends, and having some good conversations. God Bless
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