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  1. Paul's posts make sense - we cannot use a text written two + millennia ago as applicable for the 21st century. Sure, there is human wisdom in the biblical texts which continue over time, but most of it was written for the situation of the times. None of the authors could have possibly imagined that in 2013 humans would land a automatic robot on Mars and send back pictures and reports that I can access via something called a computer.
  2. Eric - you are free to make your own call - you have always been free to make your own call. Freedom is really hard to accept. What you believe does not concern me - what you do, does.
  3. I come into the thread rather late and I have not read every single post so forgive me if I repeat what has been already said. My own studies convince me that Jesus did not die for our sins. Sins do not need a death to fix up - they can be readily forgiven as Jesus demonstrates any number of times throughout the gospels. So the Father did not kill his only Son for something which can easily be corrected any time anyone asks to be forgiven. Further, the reason Jesus did not die in some bizarre ritualist sacrifice because of something someone (Adam) did way back when is because on care
  4. As Gardener quite correctly notes John should not have been included in the canon - it is far too gnostic and can have only been included for its many reference to Jesus as the Son of God - rather convenient. It must likewise be also remembered that John was written near the turn of the 1st century, some seventy years after Jesus and much theological thinking had flowed under the nascent Christian communities.
  5. Much depends on how one defines 'gospel'. Anyone interested in searching out the gospels should consult The Complete Gospels by the Jesus Seminar (Scholars Version).
  6. This is going to be a painful post - painful in all the right ways, but painfully never the less. I guess, looking backward over my life, I have been a spiritual progressive - living on the edge has become almost second nature. God, in whatever way such an entity might be conceived, has never been confined to the Church - either as four walls or as institution. God has always been dynamic - moving and urging me - a spiritual presence even when circumstances exist where such 'presence' is questioned. He/she/it has always been there - even in the absence - especially in the absence. J
  7. I have to disagree. For one thing ObL never practiced genocide. He did not start a World War and he certainly has not been responsible for the deaths as was Hitler.
  8. I can agree with what you say here. I think exploring different ways to express spirituality is what is happening.
  9. I think you rely too much on Paul in order to form the basis of your argument. That is not to suggest that the Gospel authors did not incorporate the eschaton into their respective narratives. But reading those narratives one can sense the change taking place - that there was some need to put into place something of a structure that might be called the Church. There also another more pressing theological matter which you fall into with your argument and that is the dualist nature of our existence. There is, inherently, within your argument a premise that says the human body, and ther
  10. Does anyone know the website where I can cancel my subscription to JSS Newsletter.
  11. Sounds to me like you are linking and not cut and pasting to a document format.
  12. I'm much in the same boat. Spong is not criticizing the US culture - he is criticizing the inequity in power distribution that favours certain groups of people over others who are minorities and have little access to power. In this he is doing nothing more than what Jesus would have done. Spong is doing what the Church has consistently failed to do and in that I fully support him.
  13. One thing about the web it is pretty egalitarian - once your posted to it your post belongs to everyone. I don't get the impression that the old site host is utilizing the posts for their own benefit. America being America, I'm sure you can generate a legal battle that will last for years and cost millions. But if the material is purely forum posts then I see little chance, or need for retaining any such posts. The alternative position is - if this is of paramount importance to you, what action have you taken to preserve you own copy? None probably. Are you not relinquishing yo
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