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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about her going...I know it can be really hard to lose a pet I hope the burial went well, and at least she died peacefully and, I assume, with you nearby.
  2. Hey there! I came after you left, I guess, but I just wanted to say welcome back! Hope you'll stick around!
  3. Sounds great! Can't wait to hear from you!
  4. Chapter 6: I agree with Bill, in that I agree with Ross that the Resurrection is "historically probable" but disagree that it is "religiously insignificant." First of all, I disagree with him that Jesus' Resurrection shouldn't change how we perceive Jesus. After all, there are many great people in history whose actions and words I admire, but their deaths were not followed by such a dramatic experience. To me, that indicates that there was something particularly special about Jesus. I don't know exactly what it shows - I agree that it isn't what makes Jesus the "Messiah" - but I don't
  5. Yes, I agree completely. I think we have to recognize the fact that Jesus spoke within a certain framework and had certain biases as a product of that culture. I like your point about how this means that it's not necessarily accurate to distinguish between the "true" teachings of Jesus and the "biased" teachings of the early Church - rather, both may be biased. Thanks for making me laugh!
  6. Sorry to be a bit behind - but I just read Chapter 4, and briefly, my reaction was that I agreed with his criticisms of some dismissals of miracles, but I didn't find his alternative thoroughly satisfying. Of course, it's one I've heard before, but at least when applied to the Resurrection I just find it kind of a cop-out. But, I guess we'll see when we get to Chapter 6, which deals with the Resurrection specifically. As for Chapter 5, I agree with others' criticism that he oversimplified the matter of what a Christian is/believes. Still, I don't have a problem with him laying down the bas
  7. Hey Bill, Following your suggestion here I went onto amazon.com and bought a copy of this Bible. It arrived today and I started reading it; I have to say I like it quite a bit! Thanks for the suggestion! Of course I love the NRSV, and the notes are very nice. Sometimes I wish they were a little more in-depth, but as it's my first study bible, I think it's a good start. Thanks again! Warmly, McKenna
  8. I'd agree with you there, for the most part. I'm not sure Progressive Christianity entirely rejects divine revelation. I guess it depends on what you mean. If you mean in the form of books, then yes, I think most PCs would say that there is no book out there today that can be called "God's Divine Revelation to Mankind." Yet I think many PCs look to the person of Jesus as a form of divine revelation; and nature/Creation as well. Some may even believe that individuals can receive revelations, though with the condition that nobody has to buy into anyone else's "personal revelation." So I
  9. Hey Sonomon, I too have no problem with you posting here. I'm interested in what you have to say. I think you'll find people to be pretty open-minded, whether they buy your ability or not, but be prepared to debate, of course - we do a lot of that around here! McKenna
  10. Welcome to the forum, Christina! I hope you find it useful in exploring your questions
  11. I assume you're asking about gambling as a business or as high-stakes games rather than playing a poker game with a $5 buy-in with a few friends (with which I have no issue. My opinion is that it should be legal, but I don't much like it. I think in the end it does more harm than good for society. Still, I believe in personal liberty, and I think it would be nuts for the government to forbid such practices. For what it's worth, I have similar views - I find it immoral personally but don't believe it should be outlawed - when it comes to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and first-trimester abor
  12. Care to elaborate? What are we supposed to be debating here?
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