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  1. I was in the section where we introduce ourselves but it was closed to further comment for some reason. I may still hold more traditional beliefs than some members would be comfortable with but as a "recovering fundamentalist/evangelical," I'm finding my way in new territory and am dealing with another theological shakeup in my thinking since Trump and COVID-19. I live in a red state and in an area where the Independent Christian Church and Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are the majority. I grew up in the Independent Christian Church but no longer accept all their beliefs. If you are unfamiliar with them, they split off from the Disciples of Christ a couple hundred years ago roughly. The Disciples were too liberal for them. I've been a United Methodist and Episcopalian over the years and right now would prefer Episcopalian but our local Episcopal Church closed over a Eucharist serving argument during COVID and we are wondering if they will ever open again. United Methodist Churches are only as progressive as the people in the area around them and ours leans toward the evangelical/southern gospel music tradition. The pastor strictly observes COVID protocols and has all but ordered the congregation to observe it and only about half of them do. He does not do politics of any kind in the pulpit and is very rigid about that. I suspect his political beliefs are quite conservative but he doesn't let that show. No one seems to believe the way I do anywhere but I probably have more in common with progressive thinkers nowadays and I guess I want to feel like I'm still a Christian anyway. I have looked at the UCCC but the closest one is an hour away and I'm approaching 68 and that seems like too much of an undertaking for me. I think I still hold some of the beliefs I always did but have turned from some of the absolutes. I still grant that God is omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing. I still believe in the divinity of Jesus and the Holy Trinity. I still see God as having more magical, if you will, for lack of a better word, abilities that defy logic and common sense for the rest of us. Everyone doesn't. What I don't believe in is the connections to God's beliefs and actions to some of the political planks I see in the religious right. I know an awful lot of fundamentalist religious believers who don't accept that either, a few preachers even and I love them dearly even thought I don't necessarily agree with all their religious beliefs. I've talked enough. I've pretty much written a book now.
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