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Mystic saints and their demons

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Psychologically, it can be subconscious material being released without safeguards, long hours of intense prayer might destabilise the psyche and result in the apparition of demons - the contents of the subconscious are dark and powerful to say the least, and I say this as someone who has spent their life avidly examining this content. 

I wonder if the psychological explanation of poltergeist phenomena might be a parallel to try and understand demons, there seems little doubt that poltergeists are uncontrolled subconscious activity of unstable minds. If nothing else this indicates our own minds are capable of more than we are usually able to access ie. telekinetic ability. 

But then again, I've had personal experience of someone I believed was under the influence of a succubus, which sounds so impossible and superstitious, but it seemed to make sense at the time. I'm still torn between belief systems, and find myself agreeing with a persuasive argument from either side.   

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