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Batchelor's Agnostic Buddhism

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Yes, he writes very well and makes excellent points.

I can certainly relate to his opening paragraph concerning rebelling against Christianity (the tradition I was raised in) only to find that as I grow older I have begun in a strange way to recover my past, albeit a far, far cry from the Christianity I was indoctrinated with.  I take some things from Christianity which I think are useful and ignore or reject much of it.  But in doing so, I must say I am left with a very Buddhist Christianity!

What I take away from his article is that all these 'tools' we have to cope with life are just that - tools.  They're not answers to an afterlife, they're not Golden Rules where failure to adhere means tragedy, and they don't all work the same for everybody.  Of course, whilst Huxley may have coined the term, agnostic thought has been around since before Moses' day.

I like how he recognises agnosticism for what it is rather than how many portray it to be (laziness about not 'seeking' etc).  Such people already have all the answers so they don't seem to be able to entertain that they're thinking doesn't work for everybody.  Each to their own.  Whereas Buddhism says "this is the way, unless you find another".

Naturally humans get in their own way and start creating rules and dogma and beliefs which either must be adhered to or accepted.  I am sure neither Buddha or Jesus expected things to turn out the way they have concerning both traditions.

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On 11/7/2017 at 12:06 PM, romansh said:

I must admit I have a bias for Stephen Batchelor ... here's one of the reasons why.

The Agnostic Buddhist 



Open-mind-and-heartedness - premised on the suspicion-hunch-belief(?) that what one already knows and relates to (i.e. 'loves') surely doesn't encompass everything (under heaven) that there is to be known and loved strikes me as being the height of secure-in-being-insecure 'sanity'! B)

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