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Jesus made a way?

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18 minutes ago, Burl said:

The biblical imagery is God becoming closer or more distant.  God approaches as holiness increases and distances himself as it decreases.  Never a full stop of communication or complete lack of presence.

The imagery changes with Jesus and God exists within humanity.  A dramatic qualitative improvement.

I can see that .....  if spoken metaphorically .

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My belief system is Christianity (although a rather different take that the traditional) so a pretty comprehensive integration. I am not a real student of Judaism, Islam or other 'belief systems' so I have no judgment to make concerning them. 

On the other point, the biblical imagery might show God becoming closer or more distant but I don't buy that God's presence is anything but constant. A man or woman's 'holiness' might determine how 'near' they are to God (so to speak) but I don't believe that God 'distances' himself based on the action of man.

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