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Hi I am Sandy

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I am a liberal Christian- actually an Unitarian Universalist. But, I am stuck in Kissimmee and it is too far to drive to the other side of Orlando to go to church. I am on Social Security and have tight finances and have to budget my gasoline. Anyway, I would like to find a liberal church within driving distance to Campbell, Fl. I seem to be stuck in the middle of Fundamentalist Country...help!

Any liberal churches around Kissimmee?

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Hi Sandy and welcome to the Forum,

I'm afraid I'm not much help over here in Australia and would only be Googling, probably like you.  I see there is one UU church in the heart of Orlando and a couple on the coast directly across from you, but not sure how convenient those are:


Whatever the case, I hope you find somewhere that works for you and that you also join in here if you feel like it.



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Welcome to the community Sandy,


Here is our progressive Christianity global church search site ----> HERE  http://progressivechr.wpengine.com/global-network/

Perhaps it may help but if not perhaps this site can offer you some relief by providing a more liberal point of view on issues.



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