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I Am A New Writer

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I am a new writer but I have not published a book yet so I can not ask anyone here to review any of my books on here.


I have however been working on essays that I would like peoples opinion on.


So I was wondering if I could post a link to my essays somewhere on this site?


Since this is the book review part of the site I figured I would ask this here.


I also am working with a group of people to start a publishing company. So if there are any writers here that lean towards Spiritual Atheism or Mysticism or basically any philosophy that challenges organized religion or even that challenges atheist materialism in a nonreligious way feel free to contact me. If your writing is out of the norm but not New Agey then contact me.


I hope I am obeying the rules of this forum. I apologize if I am not.

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Looks like you already found the proper area under resources and links . If anyone is interested in discussing or commenting on the information/essays on your site, they can do it here.


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