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Progressive Christian Fellowship In Mexico City, Mexico?

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Anybody know of a place you could call Progressive Christian in Mexico City -Spanish, English or Bilingual - any of these would work for me and my family.


If not, any members from Mexico City who would be interested in corresponding and maybe forming such a fellowship?


I am interested in Christian fellowship,dialogue, human rights and justice issues, spirituality and social support.


I´m also interested in finding a fun youth group for adolescences that might provoke thought in some of these areas, as well, for my children.



Terry B.

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Hi, Terry.


I'm looking, hoping, and praying to start a progressive fellowship for "expats" and locals in a Spanish-speaking area somewhere in Mexico (though probably the Yucatan, not Mexico DF), Central or South America.


Please let me know if you come across anyone -- or any news -- about such a possibility.


Blessed be!



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