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New Book By Jim Wallis To Recommend

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God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It


As the Bush administration prepares to inaugurate another four years of its policies, together we can raise up a voice of Christian conscience and a visible alternative to the Religious Right. The post-election focus on the faith and values issue is offering us many new opportunities, and the media attention already focused on Jim Wallis' new book holds the potential for it to become a national best-seller.


Jim Wallis will soon be touring cities, churches, and campuses across the country to generate a national dialogue on all our moral values as people of faith. Imagine the increased media exposure progressive faith values will receive if this "new vision of faith and politics in America" becomes a best-seller. Imagine the national coverage given to a prophetic vision that challenges both the Right and the Left.




Click below to see detailed description, reviews, etc. But, as always, I encourage people to purchase books from their local independantly owned bookstores.



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Yes, he's the executive editor of the Sojourners magazine and the spiritual head of the Sojourner's community. see www.sojo.net to learn more.

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