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  1. jesusian

    biblical films

    Hello fellow Progressive Christians, I'm looking for a "religious" movie to rent to watch with my teenage kids this Easter weekend. When they were younger we watched all the old biblical epics ("The 10 Commandments", "Ben Hur", "Jesus of Nazareth") and I put my own personal spin on how to interpret them. Now that my kids are teenagers I definitely don't want to watch anything that emphazes the fantastic elements of the old Bible stories (miracles, etc.), nor am I interested in anything that gets bogged down in pious preachy sentiment. I like "Jesus Christ Superstar" because it tells a story that everyone should know (and in an entertaining fashion) without literalizing the miracles or the resurrection. I'm familiar with "Godspell" but I'm sure the movie is so dated that I'll wait until it's being performed onstage at a local playhouse. Any other ideas? I remember one of the Turner channels had a series of Biblical made-for-TV movies but I'm not sure how literal or preachy they were. thanks!
  2. jesusian

    Anybody Going To Westar Mtg In Nyc?

    Hi folks, Is anybody planning on attending the Westar Institute (the folks who brought you the Jesus Seminar) annual spring meeting at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, NYC? It's March 3rd through 6th and it features a theological dream team, including Karen Armstrong, Marcus Borg, Robert Funk, Elaine Pagels, and John Shelby Spong. Wow! I was wondering if there would be a TCPC presence there (anybody from the NY Finger Lakes area going?) Unfortunately, it's incredibly expensive. Check out www.westar.org for details. thanks!