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  1. So, I'm kinda heavy into the whole podcast thing right now. Like having my own personal radio network with me all day at work. It's cool. Are there any progressive-Christian podcasts?
  2. This is a question I've thought about a lot but have arrived at no real answers. There are still Christians today who think that menal or emotional problems are caused by "evil spirits" or just "demons." I think these people are wrong, and they get very defensive when I point out that their idea boils down to "invisible monsters are making people crazy." BUT, in the gospels, Jesus appears to confirm this idea. He talks to people who are quite clearly mentally ill as though he is cleansing them of evil spirits. Does this mean: 1. Jesus, too, thought this was the case and this is an example of the human aspect of Jesus being limited in its knowldge (CS Lewis, for example, believed that Jesus asked "who touched me?" when the woman touched his robe because he honestly wanted to know)? 2. Jesus knew better and was just using the language and concepts of the day to explain what was going on? 3. The fundies are right?
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