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  1. Thank you all for your posts...I too find a lot of secular music very spiritual. There is a role for that in Christian worship. Perhaps a list of progressive Christian secular songs should be posted here. HOWEVER, there is a big difference between a spiritual song that can be performed in worship and a worshipful song that a congregation can sing. This is the difference between an anthem (sung or performed by a solo or group) and congregational singing in tradtional terms. Many secular songs are just too difficult for a congregation to pick up and sing. Again, I think there is a role for secular music in today's churches that is yet unexplored. Some of you might remember what is sometimes called the "fish" book with its mix of 60s protest songs, motown, folk, spiritual and silly campfire songs...the newer versions have incorporated the "praise" music genre which is not progressive. Where is the NEW fish book? I hope more people will share there ideas on these thoughts and keep the discussion going. Peace
  2. I am wondering what music resources people have found that express a Progressive Christian theology? Many of the old standards use metaphores that no longer are life giving. The contemporary "Praise" music is just as problematic. In my community, Taize and some hymns by folks like Ruth Duck and Brian Wren work, but I am interested in broadening our range of options. Please share: Composers Hymn collections Songs for Congregational Singing or any other thoughts related to finding music that fits with the 8 points of Progressive Christianity. Who knows, maybe we need to commission some composers to write some new songs! Thank you
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