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  1. The Greek word "pistis" is a noun. It is usually translated as faith, something that is had. The Greek word "pisteuo" is a verb, and is usually translated as believe. Another way to translate believe would be "to have faith in." It is an action. The Greek word "gnosis" is a noun. It is usually translated as knowledge, something that is had. The Greek word "Epiginosko" is a verb, and is usally translated as to know, to recognize, to perceive or to ascertain. It is an action. Faith and belief are relatively interchangeable terms. Knowledge is a seperate term and pretty much stands alone. I'm not big on using the term "belief" when a more appropriate word would be "know," or vice versa.
  2. Mmmmmm. Bangers and mash .... *drool*
  3. Nice quote from "The Worn Out Skin" Derek. I'm posting it on my blog.
  4. I had a dream about my grandmother that was different than the 'normal' dreams I've had of those who have died. The details are fuzzy now, but the feeling it left me with was clear. It really felt like she had come to me to say she loved and missed me.
  5. Kay

    Which Teachings Of Jesus?

    The Shaking of the Foundations by Paul Tillich
  6. Very cute pics. The one Corgi looks like a squished Border Collie. :-)
  7. Hey Jim, my hubby is from Michigan. I lived there for a short while. I never got up to the UP, but I really wanted to. I lived there and never got to cross Mackinac bridge. Living nearish to Detroit, however, didn't prevent Michigander-eze from creeping into my idioms and accent, donchaknow?
  8. Thanks MT, that really helped. I've never attented a PCUSA or UMC church, so I wasn't sure. I'm wondering Eric, if Unity might not be an option for you. With your not holding a literal interpretation of things like the demiurge, I wonder if you would have any issue with Unity's Five Principles? The website also has a FAQ section here. Again, I don't know. I've never attended a Unity church, but I think there are a few that post here who have.
  9. According to orthodoxy, no. According to me, yes. But then I'm a heretic myself so ... I have no idea. Good question. It's funny what people will or won't accept. On some boards JW's aren't allowed to post in Christian sections. On another board I know, a JW is allowed to post JW related subjects on the Christian board, but liberal Christians are not. Sorry I didn't have more to offer. I find myself in a similar pickle.
  10. From lurking over the past few years (on and off) at the UCC message board, I'd have to say that speaking of the UCC as a whole, as in "the theology of the UCC" doesn't work, because of the congregational aspect of the organization. There are pros and cons to this imo. Local congregations can be as progressive or conservative as they want to be. That can be a good thing. However, as with Erics situation, going to "those in charge" (say, on the UCC site) doesn't really work because any given congregation might not agree with "those in charge." Case in point: one of the closest UCC's to where I live is not a "Still Speaking" or open and affirming congregation. On the flip side though, is the UCC really any different than say, the PCUSA or the UMC? Don't they, too, have local oppinions and practices that, while not official, might contradict the official stance of the organization? Or do those two organizations hold more control over their congregations than the UCC?
  11. That reminds me of the qualified non-dualism of Ramanuja. Cool stuff.
  12. I don't disagree. In fact, I quite agree. My basic point was that there are idiots and idiotic behaviors on both sides of the fence. It's not all the fault of the big bad Christians or Americans, and it's not all the fault of the big bad Muslims. However, I have no patience for anyone that uses violence as a response to WORDS that they don't like. I've been fed up with the behavior of many Christians for a long time and I have no problem saying so. (Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are asses, for example). Now I'm finding that I can say I'm fed up with the crap from Muslims too, and to hell with political correctness.
  13. You ain't ever had church potluck until you've had Mormon (LDS) pot luck. Green jello with pineapple, five different kinds of "ambrosia" (google it) and ham sandwiches on Rhodes bake and serve white rolls with mayonaise. Yummy. (Yes, I was being sarcastic.)
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