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  1. It seems to me it is helpful to realize that there is no i identity that is seeing, seeking or doing anything but rather an impersonal aspect of consciousness doing the exploring. I see the mind and its contents as a product of the world.Thoughts come in streams and are to me not personal and for that matter neither is the body. Both are a product of the temporal world. If the mind is closely observed for some length of time it is my experience that one will realize that one is the witness and experiencer of the mind and its thoughts and body senses only rather than being the body or mind itself. It breaks the identification of self with mind as i. This seems to move the point of observation from what is being witnessed to that of witnessing. This leads to a realization that the experiencing is not being done by a who or a what or someone ( self) but rather that something is functioning as an impersonal observer/experiencer which is unchanged by the content of that which is experienced. The contents of the mind is form but to be visible it has to occur against a background of non-form just as sound must be against a background of silence. to be perceived. The background seems to me to be a field of consciousness and is formless. It is illuminated by light which we might call pure awareness or God.
  2. Thomas, What i am trying to say is that those questions are in my experience non questions from an absolute reality point of view.. The why can be answered simply as because that is the nature of absolute reality. That of course is to most a non-answer or unsuitable or just raises more un-answerable questions and answers ad infin . Logic and reason cannot answer the why either. It either becomes circular, or regressive. It seems to me too many assumptions will be made by the hearer with any word answer to get even a close picture. Perhaps that is why parables are used and words like " the kingdom is likened to " because only pointing can occur in such words. PS Yes, you could say i still eat, sleep, etc but that is my role in this unfolding and more like a dream as one can see it is temporary, impermanent like a vapor that appears for a short while. I know i am not that and that neither are you..
  3. You ask why repeatedly as have many before you . But the question you ask has been in my view, unanswerable from the standpoint of a provable answer. There is neither questions nor answers in my radical subjective experience of reality. All is silent, known and all questions disappear. All is formless and experienced as perfect and complete. There are no answers or questions to construct. Everything is as it is. Of course as humans we seem to be disappointed in the lack of suitable answers to these type of questions. 😊
  4. Thomas, Everything is complete in reality and the Absolute doesn't change . Change is the illusion of time and space. God is the same yesterday , today and tomorrow. You won't understand it through conceptualizing from the view of an individual self , space and time. That's all i can say. It is not a belief . It is perceived from a radical subjective experience of the Divine and i can only point . I know that is not the answer you are looking for but that is the best i can do in this moment. PS That's probably enough of this deep stuff 😊 Artificial intelligence can raise questions, perhaps you are a computer subroutine?
  5. It was just an analogy but perhaps the self is so caught up in the illusion of self that it doesn't realize it is just a movie nor that it is not reality. Kind of like lost in a dream. The producer is the One and it need not have a purpose. It is part of the dance of creation. Also i am certainly not saying there is not suffering. As long as the illusion of self remains, there will be suffering. Without the self there is pain as long as the body remains but there is an end to suffering. Same as in New Jerusalem spoken of in Christianity. The kingdom of God is here now even though few may see it or not enter in. There is no fiction in Absolute. That is the problem with words. When we answer one question that is best put aside, inferences are taken and there is confusion. Everything is already perfect as it is and in reality it is complete but don't try and mix reality with time and space and duality for answers because you will not find them.
  6. I guess we forgot we were suppose to to sell something. 😊 About 9 active members last month some months as high as 14-21 . Mostly people use our database for research purposes. I think people outgrow us and others seem to flock to Facebook and other social media or religious forums where members are allowed to get more heated in debate and nasty to each other in their posts. .Guest visits average between 5 and 10 at any time with as high as 90 or more in a 15 min period
  7. Welcome Mark, Not religious.... yes that is cool. Welcome to the forum of progressive Christianity that welcomes all ideas and opinions that are expressed as such in a respectful way. Joseph
  8. Perhaps it can't be accomplished in duality, time and space. Perhaps one must must let go of all concepts to get beyond them. In my view understanding is not a requirement even though i would agree it sometimes may make it easier. One can only go so far with reason and logic. Enlightenment seems to me more a letting go rather than an accumulation of knowledge. As i mentioned in another thread, one of the things i see as obscuring ones realization is the axiom/positionality or belief that 'The mind is capable of recognizing and comprehending truth from falsehood' . I do not believe it is capable. Truth , which is always there is not learned. Rather it is seen or one could say illuminated when enough of that which is false is discarded. In my view, self-enlightenment is the dissolution of self not the self becoming enlightened. I didn't see that contradiction you mention as it said itself (absolute changeless Reality) alone is . All else is make believe fiction... meaning the self is not. The self sustaining itself is fiction. It does not exist except as a manifestation of creation conceptualized in time and space. You want to know what or who is doing the fabrication. . Its creation. Its a manifestation of the evolution of consciousness. When you ask me if there is a self or no self i say no self but it is best to avoid the question as inferences will be drawn that only lead to stress and a Buddhist might say to suffering. It might help to picture life as a movie and you are attached to a character in it so that you believe you are both that character and separate from the others. The reality being you are neither separate nor that character. Though It appears real enough with the drama of people dying , starving, and smitten by countless struggles and suffering, no one really dies and the many are in reality One and shines as Absolute Being. Perhaps part of the story.
  9. Thomas, I believe i referenced the site so one can read more . I do not represent myself as a Buddhist though i find many similarities in my experiences. I was offering a read of the site to Rom because of some of his comments on Buddhists. You ask who is deluded .... in a previous post i said basically that self is an illusion. Buddhism as i referenced speaks of it as a delusion from some of its oldest manuscripts. (Pali Canon) Man is phenomenon. In reality there is no one there as self. self to me is an illusion. I can't help you understand no-self. Your questions are founded in duality and time and space and materiality . Absolute reality / God / The unconditioned seems to me can only be radically subjectively experienced from that view rather than conceptualized.. Allow life to happen.
  10. Rom, For your information on Buddhism... from http://www.fundamental-buddhism.com/buddha.htm Essence Buddha's Teachings a short explicit explanation of Buddha's discourses based on the Pali Canon recognized by Buddhist scholars as the oldest record of what the Buddha actually taught Absolute changeless permanent reality, the unconditioned, itself alone is, all else has always been, is, and always will be just a state of make-believe fiction, a state of delusion worn like a costume with multiple fabricated viewpoints, with each self-sustaining itself in a self-perpetuated state of self-ignorance, until each decides to come to closure through self-enlightenment and self-awakening
  11. Interesting reading Burl. Name it DPD or whatever but I don't share the unbearable part as in the first case. ON the contrary to me it is more a freeing feeling that i would describe as peace and joy and perhaps a feeling of home. Ps Also can't relate it to drugs as i don't do any except coffee. 😀
  12. No one. The ego is the illusion that you are someone and separate and it will drop when one realizes it never existed in the first place except as a concept. It is a natural step in the evolution process of consciousness on the phenomenon we refer to as Man. Essentially in reality there is no self. Joseph
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    Presidential Poll

    What latest policy that pasess as a debacle for you are you referring to?
  14. Vote your preference. Your vote is not made public ( it's anonymous) unless you desire to post a comment indicating who you voted for or why.
  15. hmm. Could be .... but perhaps the average person practicing meditation or Yoga that was selected is practicing for other reasons other than what Buddhism represents.
  16. JosephM

    I versus i

    i personally don't see God as vulnerable nor with any other human characteristics that seem to me as mere projections of our ego. The ego may think in relationships and conceptualizes a relationship between 2 separate beings. The reality of the I is the manifestation of God as the very core of ones existence. There is in my experience no otherness in the presence of God.
  17. Do you think that religion in general has had a positive or negative effect on the world? Can you give some examples?
  18. JosephM

    I versus i

    I would differ as the I is not the body. The i has a physical body but it is not the i or the I in dualistic terms. It is merely phenomenon. Perhaps you cannot tell .... but why is it when you wake you see time has passed but you had no rememberance of it nor of space or location in that state you call deep sleep. That is the nature of the formless. The state exists and can be entered into and out while awake whereby it can be subjectively experienced as ones true identity/home and core of existence. All mentations stop and realizations arise spontaneously and not as a consequence of thought processes.They arise in awareness if coming out of intuition. One suddenly knows.
  19. JosephM

    I versus i

    I would say when you are in deep sleep the i vanishes but the I is all that is present . You still exist but you have shed your ego. That you can't consciously bring back remembrance is because it is formless and beyond time and space. Great discoveries come as intuition from that state.
  20. JosephM

    Religion - Positive or Negative

    Hazardous to your Health...... Yes, or an unavoidable and necessary stepping stone for some.
  21. JosephM

    I versus i

    Thomas, The problem with questions and our words such as context, content , reality, meaning of life , Unmanifest, why , I, i , etc is that they need so much more elaborate defining and even when this is done for every answer 2 more questions will pop up. It may be interesting but It seems to me one could spend a lifetime trying to understand what we are trying to convey and still not get a subjective glimpse of reality . Perhaps we would get only concepts that keep us in the same illusion of perception. The thinking mind seems to loves to get bogged down in thinking and concepts. It may make one feel more alive as an i but mentations such as these reinforce attachments to the the i as ones identity making it more difficult for seeing that which we have created concepts for. For what it is worth here is a bit of what seems to me wisdom. Truth / Reality is always present with each of us, just as in allegory , the sun is always present but may not be seen if it is obscured by clouds, the earth, trees , mountains or any other obstructions to its light. Truth is in my experience like light in many ways. Christ (not a man) is that light that lights every man/ woman that comes into the world (John) You can equate that with Life and Truth. But to know it at least in a radical subjective manner, you need to see it clearly. The biggest obstacle to seeing is in my experience the ego ( identity with the thinking mind as self ) . You have to lose your life (self ) to find it. Most major religions speak of this although one has to dig deep to find it among that which has been corrupted of the original teachings. To me, these are the biggest axiomatic positionalities of the thinking mind that obscure us from such a seeing. They all are positions/opinions/beliefs and represent attachments.......... The good need to be rewarded and the bad punished People can be different than they are Things are either good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust, fair or unfair The mind is capable of recognizing and comprehending truth from falsehood Life is unfair because the innocent suffer while the wicked go unpunished It is critical and necessary to be right It is necessary to win Rightiousness must prevail Perceptions represent reality wrongs must be righted Things happen by accident or else they are someone else's fault As you can see it involves letting go of all cherished positionalities because nothing one believes is true. These axioms are illusions that create suffering and destruction. They are to an extent barriers to Reality because they create a multitude of dualities that arise from linear perception which is flawed. None of the axioms above are true. All these beliefs are wishful thinking of a make-believe world. Absolute justice is intrinsic to creation but invisible to human perception. In my experience, surrendering such axiom positions as well as the fate of the world to God results in an experience whether briefly or permanently of clarity of vision that resolves all questions and illusions. Just gazing, Joseph
  22. JosephM

    Evolution and Original Sin

    Paul, To me sin was introduced when man starting judging and creating laws and opposites Essentially identifying himself as separate from the rest of creation . ( forming an ego identification) . When we make a law, whether written or unwritten for others, we are essentially judging ourselves ( because in reality we are not separate). And then when we do the same thing we sin. That is why Christinity teaches that before the law sin was in the world but without the law sin was not imputed. But when the law came sin revived. Christianity teaches us not to be under the law but rather dead to the law and alive to the spirit. That is to be free from the law of sin and death. As you are aware, no single person was responsible. Adam and Eve are figurative characters as in myths to make a point. The Bible never said apple tree. It said they did eat from the tree of good and evil. It's applicable today. We constantly measure and judge others and then because we have the same human frailties , we do the same thing and are judged of ourself and guilt and condemnation follow. Jesus is recorded teaching as you measure others you are measured, as you judge others you are judged. As you forgive you are forgiven. The argument you want to hear might come from a strong fundamentalist who accepts the Bible literally as superior to science. As you know You probably won't find too many here. Some of my relatives just won't hear anything contrary to their teachings. I understand and am okay with that as blindness seems to affect us all. 😀
  23. JosephM

    I versus i

    Thomas, Life is meant to be lived. You can put whatever meaning you want to it. Philosophers and theologians among others have been debating it for centuries . For me it is an unanswerable question except to say that life is its own meaning. What is life's own meaning? Speaking of existence in this physical realm perhaps we could say life's meaning is simply to unfold. But I can not speak for life because i can only live it. Life speaks for itself as it unfolds. In my experience, in reality there is no subject or object and the question of meaning disappears.
  24. JosephM

    I versus i

    No problem Thomas, By the way, that was just me quoting an old school Buddhist. Anyway absolute reality is changeless. The Bible confirms that God is the same , yesterday, today and tomorrow and numerous other passages saying basically God is changeless. Change is an illusion of time. In reality nothing is happening. When the illusion of duality collapses , there remains only the state of the infinite I which is the manifestation of the Unmanifest as the Self. No subject, no object. There is no distance, time, duration or locality. All is self-evident, self aware and self-revealing. Form is merely an expression of the potentially of consciousness. The formless / Unmanifest is the substrate of form. Form and creation are merely an observation. Don't expect to fully understand this as a concept as it is a subjective experience or some might say realization.