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  1. Vote your preference. Your vote is not made public ( it's anonymous) unless you desire to post a comment indicating who you voted for or why.
  2. Presidential Poll

    I'm still ok. He seems to be doing a good job of shaking up the establishment. Perhaps we need to give him more time? He is certainly a different kind of leader than we are accustomed to.
  3. Software Upgraded to version 4.2.7

    Software upgraded to Version 2.4.8 which includes some bug fixes and security issues. Please report any new problems that may arise. Thanks , Joseph
  4. Software Upgraded to version 4.2.7

    A small upgrade involving a security patch and bug fix has been installed. As usual, please keep me informed of any new problems. Thanks, Joseph
  5. Deleting 'god'

    Davidsun, It seems to me that not everyone who relates to the label of Progressive Christian is at the same progression in their journey. Hence there is bound to be some confusion on points. Perhaps they will never be stated to satisfy all. The 8 points are very general in nature and subject to change as they did in 2011 . Each time they change people seem to be alienated but that is the nature of change and progressiveness. In my view, individuals seem to either grow or prefer to remain fixed and comfortable in their current place in their journey. Anyway, David, it is good to review our etiquette here because we allow people to self label themselves without being told different or that they are not a Christian or PC. (That is taboo here) That may be your understanding or misunderstanding but it is best left unsaid. Many here have come from painful backgrounds where they have been told all manner of accusations from sometimes well meaning people who themselves thought they had a corner on truth only to find later that it is a growth process. I think people grow in their journey not when they are told they are wrong or mistaken but rather when they hear something that has real meaning or truth in it and that they are able to relate to and are ready to receive. PaulS has in my view, come a long way and has had great progression in his journey since i have know him. He seems to me to have committed himself to study, learning and to be comfortable with both uncertainty and change which can be a difficult path at times. I admire his purposefulness and dedication to growth and trust him explicitly in his understanding and ability to run this forum as Moderator and Assistant Administrator according to our purpose or charter. JosephM (as Admin)
  6. Deleting 'god'

    Thomas, I took it that he meant JosephM, i just didn't bother to correct him. Joseph
  7. Why I Am Not a Progressive Christian

    Burl, You should know better by now. Drama is far from the purpose of this forum.. Comments such as that one to Romansh add nothing to the discussion. If that is what you believe it is best left unsaid on this forum and kept to oneself. https://progressivechristianity.org/message-boards/ JosephM (as Admin)
  8. 666

    Paul, I leave the number 666 or 616 to the mathematicians. To me, i found it just another side road on the journey. There are indeed people here in the US, who, in my view are obsessed with it as they are with "The Catching away" or so called " Rapture" . Joseph
  9. Name your Poison

    Shiraz is also one of my favorites. (Yellow Tail). Of course all years are not the same with some being in my view superior to others. I usually let them age a few years before i partake and find a noticeable improvement. With no basements in Florida i no longer have the space for such and my tastebuds are not what they used to be.
  10. Deleting 'god'

    David, It seems to me all actions have consequences to some degree, especially in this life now and perhaps in the future. Yes , I am of the persuasion that Paul follows those teachings of Jesus that speak to him and is living a life in line with his present understanding of those teachings. And i accept your retraction with peace and joy.
  11. Batchelor's Agnostic Buddhism

    David, I for one, am ok with your style. Also i am pleased that you enjoy it / receive some personal benefit from it. It may not edify all but as you say, one can take it or leave it for what it is. Joseph
  12. Free Will

    I hear you David. It is my understanding that is many times lacking.
  13. Deleting 'god'

    I think Paul's points are valid. He seems fine with it if this is all there is and if not, and if he is wrong ...., so what..... he will be pleasantly surprised. It seems to me too many people focus on the afterlife and miss out on this life. Just my 2 cents, Joseph
  14. Shades of Grey

    Paul, I personally can relate to what you have expressed so clearly. It seems to me that being programmed by our parents, church, peers and society in general for so long, it is difficult to get away from judgementalistic attitudes and concepts of black and white such as good and bad, right and wrong, fair and unfair, etc. In my view, it is however freeing to rid oneself of such tendencies and be open to alternate ways of thinking or considerations which is a difficult journey at times... Joseph
  15. Newly reborn unto Christ.

    Davy, Welcome to the journey and the community. Joseph
  16. Hi Scott, Yes i believe it is valid to pray for moments like those. I have had a number of those moments that changed the trajectory of my life. For the better? I believe so but in truth i cannot say as i rarely think of things or compartmentalize them in terms of better or worse. Joseph
  17. Hello from Texas

    Welcome Scott, You are most definitely not alone here in your expressed feelings. Most all came here to find like-minded individuals that as you say "that nourishes compassion, forgiveness, respect, reconciliation, humble non-judgement, etc." Feel free to join in or start a thread that interests you. Joseph
  18. Hello from Heidi

    Welcome Heidi, Hoping you find just what you are looking for here. There are a quite a few Borg and Spong fans here. Again welcome to the community, Joseph
  19. That damn mushroom!

    Brrrr.... Its cold in Minnesota. Much better here in FL. Hi Timothy, Welcome to the forum. Sorry i can't help you with any knowledge of the John Hopkins study but perhaps someone else here might be more knowledgeable and chime in. Joseph
  20. Discussion Board now financially self-sustaining

    Site sponsorship is now paid through to June 7th, 2018. Looking for any new sponsors for the last half of 2018 year. Thanks, Joseph
  21. Effective immediately In financial assistance to ProgressiveChristianity.org your TCPC Discussion Board management team is implementing this Discussion Board as a financially self sustaining discussion board in association and service to the parent site ProgressiveChristianity.org . Our hosting fees run $20 per month and to keep the site operating without being a burden on our parent organization we will depend on the generosity of Site Sponsors. I am looking for 11 other Members besides myself wishing to sponsor a month to take us to August of next year. As Site Sponsor you will receive some special perks for 1 year. * "Site Sponsor" in your avatar to indicate you are a Site Sponsor and helping to financially support this forum's mission by helping to bear the cost of one months Internet hosting fee (presently 20.00/month) * Flood control limitations removed from your searches * Increased post editing time from 30 to 60 minutes * Increased number of posts allowed in a 24 hour period to 100 * Can view who gave reputation points and some other limits increased. *Access to a Private Site Sponsors Sub-Forum (not visible to the public or regular members where you can talk more openly to other sponsors and have a say concerning the operation of this forum. * Free advertisement of a book or paper you authored displayed for 12 months as an image with a link to a purchasing site THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION. You can PayPal at jmattioli@hotmail.com or PM me for where you can send a check if you are interested, able and willing to help support your forum and its mission by being a Site Sponsor for a year by making a one time $20.00 donation. There is no requirement to do so to be a member of this community . Please note that if you are outside the US it would be necessary to use paypal as our bank charges an outrageous fee for cashing out of country checks. PayPal your support to jmattioli@hotmail.com Joseph Mattioli (JosephM), TCPC Discussion Board Administrator A Note from our parent site ProgressiveChristianity.com Thank you All! In gratitude, Deshna (and the whole team here) Deshna UbedaDirector:ProgressiveChristianity.org
  22. Free Will

    I would agree with Rom's conclusion. Most people i know use the words free will to indicate we have a choice or that we can freely choose but being connected as part of the whole i see that choice as limited by a multitude of variables that we as individuals have limited control over and therefore it limits our choices to not be truly free. That is a hard pill to swallow for many but that is my current understanding.
  23. Merry Christmas 2017

    Ditto Paul. As ususual you are ahead of us in the US in your Austrailian celebration time. Joseph
  24. I posted reply and had no problem. Let me know if it happens again by PM

    1. Burl


      The problem is related to the way the program holds data in the reply window.  There was old data stuck in there that was not visible.

      How do you delete a reply? 

  25. Testing reply to this topic at request of Burl,