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  1. Software Upgraded to version 4.2.7

    A small upgrade involving a security patch and bug fix has been installed. As usual, please keep me informed of any new problems. Thanks, Joseph
  2. That damn mushroom!

    Brrrr.... Its cold in Minnesota. Much better here in FL. Hi Timothy, Welcome to the forum. Sorry i can't help you with any knowledge of the John Hopkins study but perhaps someone else here might be more knowledgeable and chime in. Joseph
  3. Discussion Board now financially self-sustaining

    Site sponsorship is now paid through to June 7th, 2018. Looking for any new sponsors for the last half of 2018 year. Thanks, Joseph
  4. Effective immediately In financial assistance to ProgressiveChristianity.org your TCPC Discussion Board management team is implementing this Discussion Board as a financially self sustaining discussion board in association and service to the parent site ProgressiveChristianity.org . Our hosting fees run $20 per month and to keep the site operating without being a burden on our parent organization we will depend on the generosity of Site Sponsors. I am looking for 11 other Members besides myself wishing to sponsor a month to take us to August of next year. As Site Sponsor you will receive some special perks for 1 year. * "Site Sponsor" in your avatar to indicate you are a Site Sponsor and helping to financially support this forum's mission by helping to bear the cost of one months Internet hosting fee (presently 20.00/month) * Flood control limitations removed from your searches * Increased post editing time from 30 to 60 minutes * Increased number of posts allowed in a 24 hour period to 100 * Can view who gave reputation points and some other limits increased. *Access to a Private Site Sponsors Sub-Forum (not visible to the public or regular members where you can talk more openly to other sponsors and have a say concerning the operation of this forum. * Free advertisement of a book or paper you authored displayed for 12 months as an image with a link to a purchasing site THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION. You can PayPal at jmattioli@hotmail.com or PM me for where you can send a check if you are interested, able and willing to help support your forum and its mission by being a Site Sponsor for a year by making a one time $20.00 donation. There is no requirement to do so to be a member of this community . Please note that if you are outside the US it would be necessary to use paypal as our bank charges an outrageous fee for cashing out of country checks. PayPal your support to jmattioli@hotmail.com Joseph Mattioli (JosephM), TCPC Discussion Board Administrator A Note from our parent site ProgressiveChristianity.com Thank you All! In gratitude, Deshna (and the whole team here) Deshna UbedaDirector:ProgressiveChristianity.org
  5. Free Will

    I would agree with Rom's conclusion. Most people i know use the words free will to indicate we have a choice or that we can freely choose but being connected as part of the whole i see that choice as limited by a multitude of variables that we as individuals have limited control over and therefore it limits our choices to not be truly free. That is a hard pill to swallow for many but that is my current understanding.
  6. Merry Christmas 2017

    Ditto Paul. As ususual you are ahead of us in the US in your Austrailian celebration time. Joseph
  7. I posted reply and had no problem. Let me know if it happens again by PM

    1. Burl


      The problem is related to the way the program holds data in the reply window.  There was old data stuck in there that was not visible.

      How do you delete a reply? 

  8. Testing reply to this topic at request of Burl,
  9. Software upgraded to Rev 4.2.6

    To: All Members Our Invision software was updated today at 9:00AM EST by JosephM Please let me know if anyone encounters any new problems as a result of the software update. JosephM (as Admin)
  10. Discussion Forums

    Enjoyable read Derek. Joseph
  11. Gay Marriage - Australia says YES

    You got me there. Ouch.
  12. Gay Marriage - Australia says YES

    Austrailia has just re-defined the word marriage however the US led the way first however not with the people s vote but rather the supreme court decision .
  13. Why Would God Show Me This?

    Nice post Paul. Well put.
  14. Previously written and posted by myself and re-posted here. It seems to me this is a good read for all, not for debate but for reflection. Joseph It seems only natural, that we as humans seek a reason why, to such things as the happenings of life, the deep questions of our purpose and meaning and such. Is this not part of the purpose why religions have sprung up all over the globe. Even if they have veered in their purpose, were they not a response or attempt to answer these questions to satisfy the curiosity of our nature? Often times it seems we are content to receive these answers as truth because they are generally accepted. Sometimes they seem logical and sometimes not. That brings us to the topic of uncertainty. Can we live with the realization that uncertainty is closer to reality than the answers that seem to make sense for a time. Only to be uncovered as flawed because of projecting human limitation on that which cannot be seen but is the source of all that is seen? Uncertainty is all around us daily, we drive on the roads and live with the uncertainty that the driver on the other side will not pull over in our lane at the last second. We live with the uncertainty that in the next moment the earth could swallow us up in one of natures unexpected disasters, whether it be earthquakes, asteroids, lightning, tidal waves, economic collaspse, famine or wahtever. Yes we live with uncertainty all around us, Will we be the victim of some deraged killer, abandonment by our spouse or best friend, or a myriad of other possibilities? What's wrong with uncertainty? After all, no matter how much preparations we make, can we really avoid a catastrophy that we have no way of seeing? Is uncertainty just something we refuse to live with? Living with uncertainty is only as difficult as we make it because no matter how many bases we cover or precautions we take, uncertainty remains. It is a reality of this world and it is built in to human existence. Once we accept it as a natural limitation of existence here, we can as the flowers and grass do, do what we were designed to do. Increase and mutiply and replenish and care for the earth with all its creatures. The flower does not say, why show i grow and show beauty because perhaps tomorrow i will suffer drought, be stepped on or eaten by insects. Neither do the tree seeds say i will stay up here or on the ground lest i grow and a mighty wind or fire overtake and destroy me. No, life goes on in all its uncertainty doing that whatever is in its design to do. We humans, being more complex, seem at times to allow the thinking mind to make a life of its own. In fearful thoughts of the uncertainty that come from where we do not know, it separates itself from life and creates it own identity. Whose perceived existence is strenghtened by entertaining these fearful thoughts which serve to perpetuates more fear and uncertainty and separation. So what can humans do with uncertainty? We can realize that uncertainty is no an enemy. It is the nature of the thinking mind and not of life. Life itself is not subject to the tenets of uncertainty because we know that Life is energy and it cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form. To identify with that Life is to live life in trust and peace without fear of uncertainty. Life is living in the moment in harmony with the whole. Life is not doing nothing about things but rather in a sense like the flower and trees making internal ajustments in harmony with surrounding stimuli. Life is doing the best with what we have been given and not allowing the mind to attach itself to results. Why? Because while results have measures of predictability based on our experience, they always contain an element of uncertainty. This could be because of unforseen elements. our limited human perception and perspective, or our uncertain nature of the whole. In conclusion, it seems to me that to live predominantly with joy and peace in our life , there has to be an ultimate trust in Life itself. Call it God , Reality, the Unknown, the Unnamed, Being, or whatever label you like. It seems to me, it is that trust without boundaries that will bring you joy and peace in the uncertainty that is part of this life.
  15. Consciousness in insects

    Thinking about a response to the question, seems to me, would get me no closer to the truth. So i would have to say it is either unanswerable or i don't know.
  16. Spiritfilled, (Scott) I don't know what your agenda is here but i suspect it is not typical of those who come here to share and learn from others or in line with our purpose and function as a forum.. You have posted multiple times identical posts as the one above on numerous sites on the internet. While yo are welcome to participate here Please refrain from further posting of cut and paste posts you have plastered over other sites on the internet or they will be considered as spam. Consider this a final warning or you will be put on Administrator approval of posts or banned from this site.. JosephM(as Admin).
  17. Salvation for the Dead (A Practical Guide)

    Scott, I noticed you are posting the same exact material on a number of different Christian forums. While we appreciate those who start threads of interest to other members, i would ask that you refrain from the appearance of spamming numerous sites with the same exact material. Perhaps you can make your opening posts more of a discussion than a personal teaching and follow up with responses to your posts. Thanks for your attention to this. JosepM(as Admin)
  18. End Times?

    Got a call from an old acquaintance last night who evidently felt compelled to call me at a late hour (after 10PM to inform me i needed to seek a safe place as the end of the world as foretold in the Bible was taking place. He was of course referring to the signs of disasters such as Harvey, Irma, Maria and the Mexican earthquake. . End times seems to have made the news lately from some Christian fundamentalist groups even predicting again dates and future catastrophes. Obviously there are people out there who believe it. What do you tell them? I just listened to the 10 minute rant and and when he was out of steam without any disagreement from me he politely said his goodbye. Anybody else still know somebody like that? Joseph
  19. Don't have a post for today? Check in and leave your thought for the day or let others know what you are doing. A great suggestion by Dutch. Joseph
  20. New Alternate Admiin

    To all Members, PaulS will be assisting in the administration of this site as an alternate Administrator. This will insure that the forum can still be operated and maintained in the event that i have passed on or am unable to continue to do so. Paul has been a faithful member for the past 7 years and served as global moderator. He believes this PC forum serves a useful purpose and has a wealth of posts for both members and visitors that are both informative and challenging that are stored in its archives. JosephM
  21. Software updated to take care of minor issues and security in last revision JosephM
  22. Turning 58

    Good advice Bill, even for someone my age (70). My father had this advice to give in his final days and that was... "Drink plenty of water son, it's basic". Perhaps his advice was more like a parable with dual meaning. One literal and true and one on a deeper level for those who are able to see it. Mine would be "Don't let the sun go down on your unforgiveness lest you find you have destined yourself to the same condemnation until you recognize the same fault in yourself and are able to forgive." Joseph
  23. Decline of Christianity in the West

    I do not see God and Christianity as anymore than 1 possible path to the expierencing of the Divine. I think Christianity will continue to decline as an exclusive religion and its survival ( in whatever form it takes) depends on a more pluralistic approach to an authentic religious experience.To me, Christianity itself is an invention of man and is only a pointer to a connection to the spiritual realm and our very source of Life.
  24. Theism - What Would It Take?

    Thomas Perhaps you are just curious as you say. I don't know the answer to why?, so i restrain myself from attempting to answer that question intellectually . To me, no explanation is required. So while i might try to empathize with those who require an intellectual answer, i cannot supply one. In the state of conscious divine connection, at least in my case, all questions including those of why one and not another fail to arise. No doubt i am not very helpful in that area to one who requires such. Joseph
  25. Theism - What Would It Take?

    Jack of Spades experiences seem very close to my own. Thomas, i wouldn't get too hung up on what you might consider favoritism. Even in the NT Peter is recorded as hearing directly from the Father himself when asked "Whom do men say I am ?" by Jesus. What looks like favoritism can be found in many examples throughout the Bible but yet it may not be as it seems. Our understanding is limited and i have seen the works and gifts in people you would least likely expect it to come from. As BillM says he is not looking fo hearsay but rather personal experience and i am in much agreement. Before my first memorable experience, the lyrics in a song that went " You'll never know that it true til it happens to you" were imbedded in my mind. I wasn't looking for words or knowledge but rather for something to happen to me. Something internal that would transform me. That seems to me to be a key to mystical experiences. It seems to me, sometimes, we only find what we are looking for. Joseph