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  1. It seems to me regardless of the location (US, Austrailia, UK, etc.) when ethnic origin becomes more important to an individual than assimilating into that established society, there will always be a THEM and an US , whether white against black or black against white or any minority based on color or religion or culture, racism will prosper and always provide an opportunity to pop up its ugly head. We can have diversity but it must include assimilation for peace and law and order to prevail. That's my two cents or if your Australian with more than 2 cents, 2 bobs.πŸ™‚
  2. Trump - great payout One may need to know Biden's running mate before betting. He seems to have a major problem affecting him.
  3. It is. It's out of control.
  4. On the lighter side ...... Thanks, Joseph πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
  5. The young speak out. She says it all.mp4
  6. Perhaps this letter might clear up my trivialization. Quite true but humorous at same time
  7. Paul, In the US we give preferential treatment to minorities. There are 14 Federal Grant programs specifically for minorities. In many cases to meet quotas Blacks are hired over more qualified Whites. For federal contractors and subcontractors, affirmative action must be taken by covered employers to recruit and advance qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans. Affirmative actions include training programs, outreach efforts, and other positive steps. These procedures should be incorporated into the company's written personnel policies. Employers with written affirmative action programs must implement them, keep them on file and update them annually. And then there is minority private organizations and Federally sponsored organizations to0 numerable to mention .... These well-known organizations administer grant and scholarship programs for ethnic minority students. United Negro College Fund advances education for African American students through scholarships and other aid programs. ... Hispanic College Fund. Bureau of Indian Affairs. American Indian College Fund. NAACP. African American College Grants and many more And Here is a rare CNN article on black privilege. If i formed an organization for the advancement of white people that would be racism. Perhaps this article might give you some insight to both sides of an issue in why many Americans (Black, White and all minorities) are getting fed up with all this racism talk. https://www.cnn.com/2016/03/30/us/black-privilege/index.html
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  9. I consider the Pew research Centre neutral. (NON-partisan) They report polls and the polls you are showing me tell me 50% Blacks are pessimistic concerning whether they will ever have equal rights even though we have come a long way since Martin Luther King and others.. And of course they feel slavery has affected the position of Black people today and that our country hasn't gone far enough. The reasons they feel this way is not because of systemic racism, if it were so we would never have elected a Black president (for which i voted for) , but rather because as a result of slavery they were uneducated and underdeveloped. We have spent trillions on education, welfare, and priority business opportunities and giving preferences to minorities with program after program. It takes time and people, no matter what color have to take responsibility for themselves and work within the confines of society norms. The Irish, the Italians and other groups did it and strong family ties and sacrifices by our parents made it possible for us. While many Blacks have made better lives for themselves and their family a large percentage of Blacks have not and are still underdeveloped. Family units and culture have a lot to do with this as there are too many Black children growing up without fathers and too many single mothers with many children from different husbands. Perhaps they blame the whites and i have empathy for that but sooner or later you have to realize that you are responsible for yourself and say no to drugs, crime, and feeling sorry for your past and work hard to break free and make a new future. The Pew Centre says the great majority of Blacks say its extremely important to identify as a Black. Though i am Italian i identify as just an American. I don't look at ethnicity as central to my identity. It takes time but as long as you identify more strongly with a race as central to your identity you will find it difficult to fit in to society as a whole. The majority of whites are simply not racists.
  10. Frankly, i think your analogy is a bit extreme. We are talking about some people being offended not about Discussions are fine but this here in the US is not discussions. Even many Blacks object to what is going on. Well, it seems to me this whole issue is about "cancel culture" . The monuments and statues are part of our historical culture and there is a clear movement to cancel them.
  11. Here is a YouTube video by a black man that i believe is worth watching about this whole racism issue. Worth watching to the end.
  12. Being hoodwinked is always a possibility. πŸ™‚ To me it is not a political thingy but rather personal experience. I do see such a media bias on both sides however 90 percent of mainstream media is slanted to only report the left side of things. My personal experience with people show the majority clearly does not oppose the statues but as i said it should be left up to the consensus of each community in which they reside and done peacefully. There is nothing to stop the majority voting out statues and monuments. What we have now is an agitated minority trying to push their agenda on the majority. Sure it has been said before in times past with no change but that is because most people are not offended. When most are, then vote it down. I have no problem with that . Until then 'cancel culture' and destruction of property will get us no where except further division. I might have a different view if i were a black man. But at the present i don't see color and would hope many of those of different color, creed, etc will get past such distinctions. Do you have a problem with if you are in a minority voice and don't get your way? πŸ™‚ Who said the world was always fair? What is fair? If we are going to be a democratic republic, we must listen but we can't allow a vocal minority to dictate over such a matter or you will upset the majority and have even worse a situation. Do you think we need a civil war over such a matter? People will always be offended if things don't go their way and we have agreed that we are a democracy of sorts. (Actually a Republic) PS Did you listen to the Obama 1 minute video on "cancel culture"?
  13. Obama on 'Cancel Culture'. I would agree with him. 1 minute long ------> Cancel Culture
  14. Unfortunately Time magazine is a left leaning periodical. Not a wimpier was heard during my lifetime til recently and suddenly now that many Americans have all kinds of free time with the coronavirus and fueled by left leaning media it has become a 'big thing'. The majority of Americans have no problem with historical monuments. The vocal minority is trying to push things onto the majority. It seems to me that each community should take a consensus of people in that area and if they don't want a monument then vote it out but this rampant destruction is offensive to every law abiding American. Communities have the power to peacefully remove what they deem offensive and i have no problem with that.
  15. I guess you might not understand the statement concerning there being no winners. Yes Thomas, the Confederate army surrendered. Families were divided and the toll on both sides was horrific. There were no real winners. One could say the Blacks won freedom or argue the West won but to the Union and Confederacy the losses were great on both sides and The United States alone was the real winner which included both the Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers. That's when the healing started and that is history. To argue that the north really won in my view is open to debate and that simplistic view that either side won doesn't take a lot of factors into account. "Lincoln's decision to fight rather than to let the Southern states secede was not based on his feelings towards slavery. Rather, he felt it was his sacred duty as President of the United States to preserve the Union at all costs." ( From his Biography) If the issue was slavery alone would there have been a Civil War at that time? I don't know but from studying history, i doubt it.
  16. By the Way, According to a sociologist ..... (This could include pulling down statues and defacing them) For one thing, looters and peaceful protesters aren’t typically the same people. Dana Fisher, a sociologist at the University of Maryland, has studied protests for 20 years, and she says it’s rare for peaceful protesters to start stealing and setting fires at random. People flock to the sites of protests with different motivations, and those who want peace tend to stay peaceful. β€œI’ve never seen somebody come in who’s peaceful and then it’s like, Hey, they just broke that window over there. I’m going to now start looting,” she told me. .... from the Atlantic news
  17. There is mercy and there is justice and there is poetic justice. Here is an example of poetic justice for a couple of inexperienced potential property destroyers and looters. IMG_3343.mov
  18. I think if you watch the entire video you will see it is applicable to what is happening today General Lee's statue is a part of history. Part of the evolution of our country and collective consciousness. There were no winners and losers of the Civil war in my view as Thomas seems to portray. There were differences and division in peoples thinking . Both sides lost and healing has been taking place ever since then. Of course some will today take offense at the statues but the majority of people have no problem with it and haven't for for over a hundred years. Statues, Nativity scenes, politically incorrect words, and other things seem to be bothering a minority of vocal people and they are demanding the majority comply. I think the video Burl presented says a lot about what is happening today and its not just about Christianity. The author may call it a new religion but it has no specific name and points to what seems applicable today with the riots, looting and statue destruction. Some people may just need to get over taking offence where none was intended.
  19. "Cancel Culture" = people with too much time on ones hand. πŸ™‚ History is history whether good or bad in peoples mind. People are defacing and pulling down not only confederate statues but statues of Lincoln and Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and more. If we just take them all down , do you think the people will be happy? You can't please everybody. Some are offended by nativity scenes , some by politically incorrect words, some by personal prejudices. Seems to me it time we get over such mental constructs and allowing ourselves to be 'harmed' over such trivial matters and learn to love and get along with our differences and preserve history as history.
  20. Greetings Co-Exist, Love the name. We do have to co-exist and be more inclusive of others even if we don't agree on things. Welcome to the forum . Looking forward to hearing more of your ideas and any personal stories or inspirations you have had in your journey. Joseph
  21. Thomas, You were just previously warned privately about quoting people by using out of context partial sentences etc. ......Now your carelessness in reading posts and quoting in the post immediately before this one has me quoted as saying something someone else said. You have 3 days to think about reading posts more carefully before misquoting. JosephM (as Moderastor)
  22. Paul said it, not me. Read all the posts if you are going to comment . It's a few posts above this one..... He said ......."If you are talking about the DC instance, then I disagree with you. It was an over-reaction on your governments part to attack those peaceful protesters, at that time, and for the pedantic reason of wanting your President to go for a stroll. "
  23. Perhaps it possible but highly unlikely 4 times. Fine. Sueing through the court system is the peaceful and proper way to challenge it. Good luck with it. But for now the order was lawful unless proven otherwise and in a law and order society must be obeyed or is subject to consequences. We = Everybody for the last few weeks that read newspapers, watch TV, or talk to others. People like George Floyd and others both black and white and other will for as long as people are not perfect angels, continue. As i said in other posts, it is getting better and yes more can and will be done but as long as humans do the policing there will always be problems such as this. A lot of change has happened that is positive concerning civil rights and police brutality since the 1960's and Martin Luther King. And it will continue Judge all you want. and disagree. It's your right. I don't see it that way but admit if you read our mainline news it is easy to form that opinion of yours. Now you have Trump going for a stroll when in fact he went there to make a statement against the backdrop of damage to a historical church in DC the night before which many non-vocal people support as do i. Just my 2 bobs worth. πŸ˜„
  24. It is not up to you or me to say whether an order is or is not lawful. If people questioned up front every order they disagreed with from police we would have serious problems and lawlessness. Accountability comes afterwards not during orders. You being a past policeman must know that if you give a command to someone you perceive breaking the law you can't allow his disagreement to not comply. That leaves the officer with no authority. Comply and take it up with the court system later Because that is a 'red herring' argument. Trump did not say the man was an ANTIFA provacateur. He only suggested that he "could be". He is a private citizen on twitter and has that right whether you or i like it or not. If you carefully watch 2 videos from different angles you would see the man acting very odd advancing toward police trying to clear the way and actually touching one. The police are trying to do their job andd pushed him away not knowing what he was doing and it appears he touched the police on the right and could have been reaching for a weapon. Who knows? He was in the wrong place at the wrong time messing with the police in my view. His act as president to clear the area in the first paragraph i quoted you is lawful. Heck, the president has the authority to pardon criminals and even greater authority. His order through Barr was lawful whether we deem it poor judgement or whatever. Truely peaceful protesters that believe in law and order would in my view comply. And the majority did.
  25. Nothing wrong with a life long protester especially if peaceful and not in violation of a law. No , it doesn't mean your innocent , it just means they dropped the charges. He wouldn't have been arrested if he wasn't in violation and many big cities just book em and then release em. Too much trouble and backup to prosecute. No it wasn't in place but disobeying the direct order of Park police is against the law even without a curfew. That can be challenged afterwards but in this case they would lose as it was cleared for the protection of the president by the attorney general and whether one thinks it is right or wrong for him to do so makes no difference legally.. I won't disagree with you that there are laws that are prejudicial and sometimes it takes defiance to lead to change. And yes, civil disobedience has led to change. But in this case, we get the message and the violence seems a bit of an over reaction to me as i see improvement when i look at the numbers for police brutality on both white , black and other. I am persuaded that the individuals doing alot of the burning and looting have little to do with the message of the majority of protesters . Those responsible for Floyd's death, and other recent ones now have been charged and will have their day in court. Being a policeman has to be a very stressful job dealing with much of the criminal element.My belief is the great majority of them are outstanding people. The American people are on the whole sympathetic to the issue and official are willing to talk but if violence persists by protesters support will be lost. Yes, I agree sometimes breaking the law is not only the higher thing to do but the only thing to do. That's what led to the formation of our nation. Do i think it is the higher thing to do in this case? No.
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