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  1. JosephM


    Thanks for sharing Paul.
  2. There seemed no need for mine as it was adequately answered by you. I am in agreement with your last two sentences as a summary.
  3. I think you have answered your own question quite well.
  4. In my view, Your body is an energy field. One does not need words or to be fluent in religion or concepts to be awake to Being. The joy of living comes from Being and needs no understanding nor need for questions. Joseph
  5. Thomas, I, like you, also can be seen as a panentheist and don't see demons as being in opposition to God or as other powers in a war against God. In my view, demons can be seen as perhaps what we might consider as negative energy fields not unlike the conditioned field we consider our physical body and mind but vibrating at a frequency that is not physically perceived by your physical eyes to be considered a normal conditioned human. This is not a traditional understanding but i have personally perceived such in the spirit so to speak. In my experience most people are asleep to their ground of being and merely acting out their conditioning here. To that person or persons their brain and unconsciousness make them more susceptible to this demonic influence or negative energy field that you don't see with your eyes but can be perceived as if seen. If people are more conscious of their ground of being they would have a 'higher' level of consciousness at least at that point in time, that negates a personal influence of negativity and allow them the power or faith to raise the frequency surrounding themselves and others to repel demons. I have both seen and experienced this. Joseph
  6. JosephM


    Greetings Derek, Came through the same traditional path and found it also a very painful but rewarding journey. It is good to hear you fellowship in peace with other religions. I think study of each will reveal many commonalities even though the words may be different. Sounds like you are very open-minded and have set great goals for yourself. May you find much joy and peace in your quest and welcome to our Progressive Christianity forum. Joseph
  7. Yes, it is possible. While i do not understand it I have been around long enough to see things that might suggest such.
  8. JosephM

    Your first God experience

    I can certainly now understand that. Does Music or Art affect you similarly to the beauty and intricacy of nature?
  9. JosephM

    The Power of Now - By Eckhart Tolle

    It would appear or seem that way but it is something else itself that is watching the mind. It is a subtle difference and Tolle holds the view that the mind is not an entity. The mind is a tool that the real entity has attached itself to.in this state of evolution and therefore takes it on or identifies the mind as itself. That which is still and beyond thought is what Tolle speaks of as the witness. Perhaps it is pointed to as no-mind in Buddhism and Spirit in Christianity or possibly Atman in Hinduism? Anyway, your point is well taken from a skeptical point of view. It cannot be understood with the mind but seems to me it can only be experienced. It is quite the conundrum
  10. JosephM

    Your first God experience

    My first experience was as a small child and such that i could not put words to it other than to say that when words came to be a part of my life I could only describe the experience as pure water flowing in perfect harmony and peace and in stillness with a sense of home. This gradually faded away into an ebtide of ripples that was then experienced as life in the flesh which i recall was neither home nor desireable after such an experience. After a normal Catholic childhood devoid of further experience and disillusioned by answers from the church along with my brother i left the Catholic church at age 14 never to return except for weddings and funerals. I was given a book written by Norman Vincent Peale called "The Power of Positive Thinking" at about the age of 17 which changed my life drastically. My life was filled with goals all of which were satisfied and filled by the age of 33 as if i had a silver spoon in my mouth. Yet i found myself empty inside and depressed in spite of such success in obtaining all the material goals i had set for myself. This started a desperate inward hunger and search for meaning in my life that was beyond the material world which i had found lacked true peace and contentment. Looking to the Bible and a non-denominational full Gospel church, I became highly focused on the quest as if my life depended on it. I was determined to find that which I had one experienced as a child but had for so long evaded me. I did not find it in the church system but rather driving over a bridge over the Ohio river having gone as far as i could on my own power with no success when a realization came to me that the cloud blocking my realization of God was at that time unforgiveness in my heart of a particular person. That instant , i made the decision that it was not worth holding on to such a thing and i willfully let it go and immediately experienced that Home and a knowing that God was always present , not separate from myself. The only thing preventing that realization at that time was that unforgiveness i was holding on to. From that moment forward my life was filled with that presence and miracles and experiences that defy any logical explanations in my mind. When I should have died for my errors I lived, when I deserved failure for my mistakes i prospered. Why?, i cannot say except that happens to be my part in the miracle of the dance we call life. My word view of the experience of God in my life comes closest to the word Pantheism or Panentheism yet both words still fail to convey that which they point to. Words help to communicate to others but even before there were any words there was knowing. As a child before words or word thoughts i knew . Words were not necessary. Today i want to share this yet even without words or language or a thought i want to share this. In my view, that unction to share existed before the thought and without words . May everyone find Home and rest from their journey and their portion ( whatever that is ) of the dance we call life.
  11. JosephM

    Your first God experience

    Thanks for sharing Thomas. I can really relate to your words "I had a sense of God and felt God was and was always with me (and everyone). " Perhaps that "sense of God" can be considered an experience of God whether it was momentary or ongoing? Thanks again for sharing. Joseph
  12. JosephM

    The Power of Now - By Eckhart Tolle

    That is an interesting observation Paul. However, I don't think he is advocating to use your mind other than in problem solving as necessary to carry on with everyday life. Rather i see his emphasis on watching the mind and its effects on emotions and our actions. When it is done on a regular basis there becomes increasing gaps in thoughts and an identity shift into who you really are rather than mind identification of who you are which he puts the name ego to. At that point one realizes or rather knows that the mind is only a tool and a minicule part of who or what you really are. To me, Living in the moment is being present / awareness more than using the mind or being lost (unconsciously following your thought patterns) in your compulsive thoughts. At least that is my take on his meaning and my own personal experience. Anyway, regardless of interpretation , anything benefial or that brings more peace in ones life that comes from any teachings in my view is positive and worth pursuing. Joseph
  13. It would be interesting to share your story here how and when you had your first God experience.that you recognized as such. You may also include events that you previously did not recognize as such at the time. No debate, disagreement, questioning validity or criticism allowed, just sharing of your story. Any takers? It seems to me it would be interesting reading. Joseph
  14. Jack, If we are judged by our darkest moments, i am of the opinion we would all be condemned . I personally choose to see others in the light knowing that we all have had moments we do not wish to be attached to. If "our worse moments defines how bad we are" as you have put it, then what use is their for faith, hope or love? Jack, perhaps you did not mean it as it came across because one of the great teachings of Jesus that helps set a person free (in my opinion) is "Judge not that ye be not judged" " For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." I prefer to focus on the good in people yet be not unwise to the potential of darkness. I have also found myself being reminded that if i were the other person in every way perhaps i wouild be no different. ?
  15. That may be true. Yet it would serve no beneficial purpose to a debate here to resort to such accusations. It would only be inflammatory in my view. Thanks for clarifying that your use of the word was not directed to Paul. Joseph