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  1. JosephM


    Welcome to the forum CJM, No struggle here with a plain cross as a necklace or pendant. Personally I haven't worn one for over 30+ years but If I had the inclination i would have no problem wearing it. To me it symbolizes to be dead to self and alive unto Christ but it seems to me it means different things to different people. So as not to contribute to the confusion i choose not to wear it but rather let my life reflect any message it symbolizes. Joseph
  2. Still looking for 7 monthly sponsors. You can be a guest who enjoys reading this forum or a member. Your support helps to keep this forum online as a database wealth of views and information. Don't forget it includes an advertising spot on threads for your paper or book or site . Won't be asking again here in the news but your financial support of 20.00 keeps this forum alive. More information in 1st post of this thread HERE ....------->>>>>
  3. Thanks Thomas for answering my question.
  4. It seems to me, that if one esteems or believes in his/her heart that something (such as an act) is a sin and then engages in it, to him it is most definitely a sin. That act includes homosexuallity regardless of the words found in ones religious book or guide. Joseph
  5. Software upgraded to Invision Community v4.4.7 today. Please report any possible new problems that may arise. Thanks, Joseph
  6. I thought it might be good for people to share any nuggets in this thread that they have gleamed from life and personally witness to. Whether from he Bible, other books or just personal experience. Here are a few examples i can personally relate to. * When you live strictly for the future and then achieve your goals, they don't satisfy you for long. When you give more attention to the doing than to the future result you want, your doing becomes more effective, fulfilling and joyful. *In pure awareness of your thoughts is found the power to change them and transform your life. * Situations don't make you unhappy even though there may be physical pain. Rather, your thoughts and interpretations and the stories you tell yourself about it make you unhappy. Got any that witness to you? Joseph
  7. Personally, i really appreciate having the NT text to read and study. Having said that i feel compelled to agree with Paul that the total accuracy of the gospels is in fact, not be there and there is evidence even within the NT itself that the recorded writings as they exist today are found lacking in accuracy without looking outside itself.. Yet as i have said before, there is much recorded in there , whether accurately recorded or not that speak to me and witness to me and my personal experience as true statements. Other books have done likewise. The NT, in my opinion, is a powerful and helpful text but only those portions that can be, and if applied, verified by its application. I would be interested in your (Thomas) perspective of what you see exactly as the Jesus "gist' . Joseph
  8. A special thanks to SteveS55 a continuing sponsor who has just sponsored a month for this coming year. That leaves 7 months left to sponsor. Any takers? Joseph
  9. Paul has taken 2 months and I have taken 2 months. That leaves 8 months left to sponsor. Any takers? Joseph
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  11. JosephM


    It does seem to me that declaring war on something often strengthens it rather than defeats it. That is the limit of any contribution i might have on this subject other than i do not know.
  12. Society sets up its rules/laws for its people to live by. That is its function. Forgiveness doesn't judge . Choices when operating in society has consequences. Fair / unfair is subjective and relative. Knowing this we live by the wisdom granted us for whatever reason , withhold personal judgement , walk in the spirit of forgiveness and make choices in relation to that wisdom given us . I do not fault the other who has not yet evolved to the consciousness level of Love for all. Wisdom tells me to help those who are ready and i have been given the power to help, avoid those that are motivated by levels of consciousness that are far from the spirit of Love and are not seeking help, and leave earthly judgement to society rules and those placed in a power to do so.
  13. JosephM


    Paul, I don't know. What do you think?
  14. Forgiveness doesn't negate choices and consequences. Forgiveness sees the humanity and capability for poor choices in all of us. It sees mans internal battle with the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life which are heavily influenced by conditioning and chooses to withhold personal judgement on things because one see the same potential in all of us. When we see clearly it is my experience that if i were born with the same exact genetics, life experiences etc. etc. i would be no different than the other.
  15. You can reference it ----->HERE ..... It was not meant to comment on in sermons
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