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  1. JosephM

    Christian art thread

    Just updated to latest rev to see if that would help but don't know what the problem would be. as yet. Do they use Century Link as router provider?
  2. JosephM

    Christian art thread

    Burl, Works okay for me. Using Windows 10 and Chrome here. Joseph
  3. JosephM

    Christian Art

    Test Post by Admin
  4. JosephM

    Free Will

    Thanks for the summation Thomas. I see where you are coming from. I have no problem with your view. Thanks again, Joseph
  5. JosephM

    Free Will

    Thomas and Burl, I would be interested in reading a short summary response of your opinion/view on "What you see as the underlying causes of our will?" Thanks in advance for any summary response you might give . Joseph (as Member)
  6. JosephM

    Free Will

    That may be in your mind but just to be clear here..... The inference was there in my mind and the mind of others you were addressing so take my advice and refrain from using words that are not necessary to the conversation.
  7. JosephM

    Free Will

    I would agree with you that we all are all ignorant in some respects. I don't suppose that anyone here would disagree with that. And yes, ignorance is not a sin. But the fact still remains that although one is allowed to claim ignorance for oneself, we cannot have a civil and beneficial conversation with one applying that word to another in a discussion where two disagree. It is considered rude and unnecessary to an argument or debate. I think i have said enough for you to get the idea of my point.. Joseph(as Moderator)
  8. JosephM

    Free Will

    Rom, I think some views, (opinions), even though/if they might be correct or based on a more thorough examination of perceived existing evidence , are better left unsaid when it comes to the word ignorant or inference that a view is pinned to just our perceptions as if that is inferior to our own on a particular matter. Don't you think so ?. As it doesn't seem to me to play out very well in a conversation or civil discussion that way. Joseph (as Moderator) PS While i agree we all might be ignorant in certain areas of expertise, the word itself carries a definition ... lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated ... which does not seem to benefit conversations on this forum.
  9. JosephM

    Presidential Poll

    I had no intention to say anything was right or wrong. Only wondering why so many seem to focus so much on Russia's actions rather than clean our own house first. I don't see it as right or wrong , just a fact of current political life. It seems to me that countries have had and still do have favorites they would like to see in power in other countries. It's understandable to me. Personally I am no more excited about their meddling than our own. Yes, the current administration inherited an already recovering economy but I don't think our current policy is hurting it any. Time will tell. Trump seems to be shaking up Washington and all the opposition / media can focus on is his past personal life. What a joke. 😀
  10. JosephM

    Presidential Poll

    Perhaps as bad as it looks to many, Trump may be just what the Doctor ordered. 😊 Even if he is a hard pill to swallow. 😊
  11. JosephM

    Presidential Poll

    Thomas, It seems to me we have been influencing and interfering with other countries and their elections for decades. Is it ok for us but not for Russia? Also IMO it's about time somebody attacked the news media for slanted reporting. I think Russia was doing us a favor if they reported anything that was true. While no one wants their emails hacked, i personally think in this case the information was an eye opener for the American people. Joseph
  12. JosephM

    Presidential Poll

    I'm still ok. He seems to be doing a good job of shaking up the establishment. Perhaps we need to give him more time? He is certainly a different kind of leader than we are accustomed to.
  13. JosephM

    Software Upgraded to version 4.2.7

    Software upgraded to Version 2.4.8 which includes some bug fixes and security issues. Please report any new problems that may arise. Thanks , Joseph
  14. JosephM

    Deleting 'god'

    Davidsun, It seems to me that not everyone who relates to the label of Progressive Christian is at the same progression in their journey. Hence there is bound to be some confusion on points. Perhaps they will never be stated to satisfy all. The 8 points are very general in nature and subject to change as they did in 2011 . Each time they change people seem to be alienated but that is the nature of change and progressiveness. In my view, individuals seem to either grow or prefer to remain fixed and comfortable in their current place in their journey. Anyway, David, it is good to review our etiquette here because we allow people to self label themselves without being told different or that they are not a Christian or PC. (That is taboo here) That may be your understanding or misunderstanding but it is best left unsaid. Many here have come from painful backgrounds where they have been told all manner of accusations from sometimes well meaning people who themselves thought they had a corner on truth only to find later that it is a growth process. I think people grow in their journey not when they are told they are wrong or mistaken but rather when they hear something that has real meaning or truth in it and that they are able to relate to and are ready to receive. PaulS has in my view, come a long way and has had great progression in his journey since i have know him. He seems to me to have committed himself to study, learning and to be comfortable with both uncertainty and change which can be a difficult path at times. I admire his purposefulness and dedication to growth and trust him explicitly in his understanding and ability to run this forum as Moderator and Assistant Administrator according to our purpose or charter. JosephM (as Admin)
  15. JosephM

    Deleting 'god'

    Thomas, I took it that he meant JosephM, i just didn't bother to correct him. Joseph