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  1. In my personal mystical experiences as a temporal creation known as Joseph i (self), while deeply convinced from such that i cannot be separated from God except in my conditioned mind. I have only been able to experience that connection in stillness, without fear and in perfect peace of mind which has lead me to believe that while i am sustained by God while experiencing states filled with emotions whether fear, anger. hate, pride, etc., God is not those things as they are created by the created mind which perishes with the using. I don't see God as a man or woman. While it may seem irreverent, to me, God is closer to an 'it' in human terms. So while it may be fair to say we exist by 'it' and return to 'it', we can only be 'it' as can all of creation in the sense that there is no other. So, does God experience our emotional experiences as you ask? It seems to me, i don't really 'know' the answer but i suspect from my experiences that all answers to that question are nothing but fabricated viewpoints perpetuated by self-ignorance. It certainly doesn't seem fitting to say that that which is subject to decay is God.
  2. Paul, In my view you are pretty close to a more profound understanding in your post postulate . I would only differ in the sense that in reality there are no opposites such as love and hate, etc. and such human dichotomy. While human consciousness experiences these things " ( consciousness being a by-product of this body) ceases to exist " as you said, they cannot be God since they are created by human consciousness. Only God actually exists, all else is an illusion. When you love, your human consciousness is experiencing God, when it is absent (love) you call it hate or depression or some other word and feel alienated from God and hostile toward the rest of creation. Only Love (complete acceptance of all things) exists, the rest of our human descriptors are only arbitrary points on that continuum created by an evolving human consciousness that is self , not God. They don't exist (the arbitrary points) except in the mind that ceases to exist therefore they are illusion even though they seem convincingly real. This part needs to be experienced rather than reasoned. God cannot hate or experience fear. Rather it is a temporary evolutionary condition of human consciousness that varies in emotions from emotion levels of humiliation, anxiety, hate, trust, forgiveness, understanding, reverence, serenity, through ineffable at which point ones God view is seen as Self. (capital S) So, when you hate, God is not hating, the Paul (self) which is to perish is hating. However, when you truly love (not in the traditional sense), it is God shining through Paul that is loving, therefor it is said God is Love. Just a view to consider, Joseph
  3. Good for you. I use the present calendar to communicate with people and it doesn't matter to me who created it or if you think it is pagan or not. It is the Gregorian calendar and more scientifically accurate for the seasons than the Julian calendar used at the time of Jesus.
  4. Just enjoying taking in the sights of ingenuity for dealing with the Coronavirus COVID-19
  5. BrainStuff.pdf Save and open pdf file.
  6. Each to there own that is presently speaking to them whereby they might in the end be lead to hear and see for themself.
  7. Staying at home mostly except for golf. Not eating out or using the car except for an occasional trip to grocery store for supplies. (with a face mask of course) Actually saving lots of money just staying home, working sudoku puzzles, cooking and eating in every night and doing small projects in yard and around the house. even though my preference is to be out stimulating the economy more. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. Who is the "they" that determined which books were accurate and when? You still have not answered which version of the Bible is most accurate. There are dozens of Christian versions. KJV, NAS, ASV, GW, NIV, NLT, NLS etc. etc. Which version is it that is accurate and infallible? Then I guess "all" aren;t healed as you posted, only those who have true faith? If i didn't use the Christian calendar you wouldn't understand what i meant. Where does the law require one to be Christian to use it so that others may understand? It is used by most of the world today and most religions. What's the big deal? It was not introduced until 1582. Christians before that had top use the Julian Roman calendar. So were there no Christians before 1582 because they used a pagan calendar?
  9. The April 2020 Monthly Discussion Board Report follows:New Members Registered: 1Total Members 1766Total Posts 50494New Members rejected: 0 Banned 1Awaiting user email validation 0New Topics Started: 23New Posts: 171Personal Messages (convers) 3Active Current Members this month 8 Guest visits averaged app 5-10 at any one timeItems of Note:- 1 new member Banned after posting naked photosJoseph MattioliDiscussion Board Admin/Moderator/Forum Site Owner
  10. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ I hope that was a joke.
  11. Why try to figure it all out? In my view, It will indeed bring madness. Most all world religions postulate 3 fundamentals, the world, the individual soul and God. In truth what exists is God (the seer) alone, because all three are One. The only way to know is to become One with awareness. Subject and object will disappear and there will be no questions. From the words of Ramana Maharshi "Realization is simply being oneself, not knowing anything or becoming anything. If one has realized, he is that which alone is and which alone has always been. He cannot describe that state. He can only be that. When we give up regarding the unreal as real, then the reality alone will remain and we will be that."
  12. Thanks Paul, I found the article excellent given the limitations we all have with words and speaking of such things.
  13. Hello Dear Friends and Colleagues, This is a personal request for your support. I will keep this short and simple. For the last 10 years I have been the Creative Project Director for a very special project: A Joyful Path Childrenโ€™s Curriculum, for ages 6-11. It has been the most meaningful work I have done in my life. In all my years being involved in the progressive Christian field (since I was just a wee lass) I have not come across a resource that has the potential for such a positive impact on Christianity, families, churches, and yes, the world. A Joyful Path teaches children to be radically inclusive, to find their inner joy and their inner wisdom, to follow a spiritual path that leads to true happiness and compassion for others, and most importantly to think for themselves. It teaches children to have the courage to ask the difficult scary questions and to look within for the answers. A Joyful Path teaches children to have a deep respect for other religions and paths, while offering the tools and guidance to go out into the world and make a positive impact - on the environment, their communities, and on social justice. My personal request of you is two fold: 1. Please view this GoFundMe Campaign, watch my video and DONATE. (Every little bit helps! And your donation keeps the momentum going!) VIEW THE CAMPAIGN HERE: CLICK HERE 2. Please share this campaign with anyone who you think is passionate about nourishing children spiritually in todayโ€™s world. LINK TO SHARE: We need $40,000 to complete this project. Weโ€™ve raised $3,280.00 so far. We have completed Year 1 and Year 2 and are midway to completing Year 3. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from Year 1 and 2 with teachers saying the curriculum is just as meaningful for them as it is for the students. I know these are challenging times and for some feel financially unstable. Our organization is also facing financial insecurity. That is why this campaign is so important to us. It is directly tied to our mission. If you have the means, please take a moment to view the campaign and consider, what would happen if children around the globe were taught to be spiritual heroes and heroines, who honor diversity, our planet, and themselves? Who are emotionally intelligent, passionate, hard working, connected to nature and who seek to find the Divine in All? Their families would grow spiritually, their friends would be impacted and the world would change. Thank you for considering! I am attaching our sample book of Year 1, so you can get a feel for this meaningful curriculum. With huge love and gratitude, Deshna PS I am one of two lead authors for our final year for this age group, Year 3. In Year 3 we dive into the theme: ALL LIFE IS SACRED, drawing upon the idea that a deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth provides a meaningful and life enhancing path toward wellness and wholeness. Year 3 is looking directly to Earth for the lessons She readily provides. As Jesus reminded us repeatedly, through parable and metaphor, nature and the life happening all around us continually teaches us what we are here to see and know in this life. In Year 3, we use activities, ceremonies, ritual, art, song and movement to teach children about the golden thread of Mysticism from an interfaith and inter spiritual perspective, as well as drawing heavily upon Indigenous Wisdom. MORE INFO OR TO ORDER: https://www.joyfulpathcurriculum.com Rev. Deshna Charron Shine, Interfaith Minister & Chaplain Executive Director: ProgressiveChristianity.org & ProgressingSpirit.com Executive Producer: EmbraceFestival.com Author, Speaker, Ritualist, Weddings, Ceremonies, Spiritual Care Cell: 503-422-0037
  14. We (the creature) as was written of Jesus may have the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in us bodily if we are dwelling in Christ. Only because the creature dies do we say i am not God. If we speak from dwelling in Christ (ego is cast aside/ self dead) , it is not the creature speaking at that moment and we can say i and God are one. In the next moment we may be dwelling in self again and while God has not gone anywhere we may be back in the conditioned self. In that moment , Jesus would say "Jesus turned to Peter and said, โ€œGet away from me, Satan! You are a dangerous trap to me. You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from Godโ€™s.โ€ ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜„ In my experience, enlightenment is realization of that which is always present which includes have had, and have now. The creature may experience moments of enlightenment and drift in and out of it I understand it can be permanent but i have only experienced something called "Satori" by Buddhists whereby one is "seeing into one's true nature". Moments of enlightenment are all i am truly familiar with. In those moments it is obvious that that nature/God was always present and is always present whether realized or not. In my experience, those moments are in the absence of conditioned thinking. It is more a knowing without thought at that moment in time that comes from a yielding / submission of self. Unspeakable peace and joy has always been present in those moments even under extreme life threatening conditions. Unfortunately, a pattern of obsessive and conditioned thinking has always returned to date.
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