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  1. Here I am. I was asked to leave my worship leading position at a large evangelical church here in Indianapolis. Although the hurt was enormous, I'm OK with the reality that my place is outside of many conservative evangelical churches because of my understanding of myself and God's acceptance of me (and all people). I have struggled both privately and publicly with my own sexuality for so long that, at times, my relationship with God was all I had. And in that, I developed a passionate style of worship that had been accepted in the evangelical church UNTIL God also wanted to transform my beliefs. My intimate relationship with God has moved my understanding of church, people and God. I feel that my theology has grown beyond the boundaries that are too often present in conservative churches. HOWEVER, my yearning for passionate worship--intimate worship only grows stronger. So, here I am. What am I to do? Many of the progressive churches I have witnessed aren't comfortable with worship with emotion. I don't know where to go. Should I get out of church work? Signed: Very confused in Indy.
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