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  1. There is a website http://selectsmart.com/RELIGION/ where you can sort out what makes up your belief complexion. It describes itself thusly: BELIEF SYSTEM SELECTOR...an exploration of world religions By SelectSmart.com Staff With just 20 questions, our goal is to provide a fun and informative activity to explore world religions and belief systems. If you are surprised to find you might be drawn to Quakers, you could then go to www.quakerfinder.org and see if there are any near you. If you are still curious, try http://beliefnet.com/features/quiz/index.html for more quizzes. Some descriptions are listed on http://www.godulike.co.uk/faiths.php?chapt...4&subject=intro "Everything You Wanted To Know About The Faith Business But Were Too Confused To Ask" Finally, www.religioustolerance.org is a great resource for sifting through the options to find a progressive faith tradition. Hope that helps. Ian G
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