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  1. Rainbow Stole Needed

    Dear Sisters and Brothers, As a deacon of Free Reformed Church of Poland with my church I will celebrating ecumenical service for GLBT's in second week of the May. But I don't have rainbow stole Did anyone can help me? My personal address is: szymon.niemiec@gmail.com Thanks for everybody
  2. To Be Me...

    Yes... but for now Im official diacon and moderator of our community... and thanks to Lord, i have more time to community work
  3. To Be Me...

    Welcome, Niemiec. Tell us about the FreeReformed Church of Poland. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We are small community in Warsaw, create in 2003 by the Rev. Ernest Ivanovs from Latvia. For now we are only one polish christian community, open for LGBT people. In our work we try to help them to find o God's Love and God's Way...
  4. To Be Me...

    Hi all, My name is Szymon Niemiec. Im a diacon of FreeReformed Church of Poland. Im journalist nad photographer too. Nice to see all of You here...
  5. Sorry For Interrupt...

    Thanks AletheiaRivers, Its very important to him. It will give him a hope...
  6. Sorry For Interrupt...

    Many thanks...
  7. Sisters and brothers in Christ, One of our brothers, Peter, who is living with a pacemaker and spent the last year in treatment for cancer, recently discovered that he was infected with HIV. His suffering is immense. Our congregation is going to pray for him this Sunday. We ask you, in the name of the merciful God, to join our prayer in your houses of worship. May the Lord ease Peter's suffering. Whith God's blessing Hon. Szymon Niemiec Diacon of FreeReformed Church of Poland