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    Reading:<br />Science, Technology, Comparative Religion, <br />Complex Systems Theory, Development of Ancient Civilizations.<br />Listening:<br />Blues,Jazz, Folk<br />Watching:<br />Older Motion Pictures<br />Pets: Genetically Engineered Glowfish (zebra), Bloodfin Tetra, Orange Platy w/black spots, pet sitting my daughter's parrott this summer<br />Gardening in Pots<br />Writing on the Convergence of Science and Religion<br />I also love to feed Hummingbirds!
  1. flowperson

    Merry Christmas

    HO...HO...HO all you merry mystics! And a Merry Christmas to all of you nefarious and venomous lurkers too ! I'm amazed I made it through another year myself ! flow....
  2. MT...The Gospel of Thomas...saying 10: Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes." flow....
  3. flowperson

    Songs Of Solomon

    Yes...It is so good to see and correspond with old friends again isn't it ? I view sensuality as an ultimate utilization of our G-d given sense gifts. These gifts enable us, through the utilization of our bodies, minds, and emotions, to experience the inner and outer environments which the Creator endowed us all with. Our oppositive sexual partners, or sexual partners in general, allow for more complete experiences for us all and a sense of companionship along these necessary journeys. This was all meant to be from our beginnings, if the meanings of Genesis have any validity. These journeys may be the most important parts of our existence, for these experiences inform us at our deepest depths as to the realities in which we exist. flow....
  4. flowperson

    Intelligent Thoughts On Intelligent Design

    Hi MT...Long time no talk, but I wanted to duck in tell you that some of us began to think and say these things about 15-20 years ago when it was really *verbotten*. I'm glad to see that some of the logic of the issues involved are finally beginning to bubble to the surface of conventional consciousnesses. Rock on my Brother ! flow....
  5. flowperson

    Support From My Tcpc Community

    Bob...All I can say is that evil is everywhere and it always attacks the innocent in the most vicious ways. The few of us that are still here and still care about each other are with you and yours. You are in our prayers and hopes. Eventually this horror that you are enduring will burn itself out and you and those that you love will be allowed to turn your backs upon the immediacies of it all and walk away to start anew, but not without some scars. G-d be and go with you all my friend. Hi Cynthia...it all sounds so familiar *shudder*. flow....
  6. flowperson

    Obsessed With Religion....

    Hi DHE...I would agree with Cynthia' and JM's slant on your dilemma. There are "way" different paths for each of us, because we are all so different. But the general rule seems to be to embrace and absorb as much information as you can, as long as you don't feel that the process itself or the content is harmful to your being, and after sufficient time and intake a "way" will become more obvious to you. In my case it was the writings of Elaine Pagels, but each person has their distinct "triggers" and "ways" to belief. flow....
  7. flowperson

    Support From My Tcpc Community

    Having been through this myself twice, I can surely empathize with your family's situation. Remember, children are not property and in the end they will always recognize who really loves them. We'll all hold you and your family in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers. flow....
  8. flowperson

    Is God Emotional?

    Hi Minsocal: Good to hear from you again after such a long time. It's comforting to know that Whitehead thought these things through long before I posted #4 above. Yes...living in the moment...that is one of the secrets Huh ? flow....
  9. Hi Jen: Let's agree to disagree. We each have our own ways of reaching higher states of consciousness, with the desired result of "channeling" unique information sources and states of being. You have your unique methods, and I bless your use of them and the results of it all that you share with others, and the rest of us have ours. I was trying to describe a personal method and set of experiences that may be unique to me. In today's society I believe that we all need to be very cautious about over medicating our senses and thought processes, especially so with prescribed pharmaceutical substances. If anything, regular use of these to alter one's natural mind functions in order to attain some generally accepted societal norm may become an insidious homogenizing and corrupting influence within communities. You seem to know a lot about the currently known aspects of how one's brain operates, but of course that is not all there is to know. And I remember and understand how you have come to your opinions and beliefs. We humans are a diverse lot, at least genetically if nothing else. We are entering an age where individual thought and action will usually take precedence over team approaches in the long run. That can only spring from an base of original thought and action, which of course is the rocky road to subjective experiences influencing objective outcomes. The results can be destructive or uplifting and inspirational. One could say that this an open invitation to bi-polar disorders and behaviors. But that's my feeble definition of what it means to function and contribute as a human being today and in the future. And I also believe that this was what was meant when our great teacher taught us that our way would be narrow and difficult. As I said above, at least as caring individuals, we can agree to disagree. And I love my cuppa joe in the a.m. also. flow....
  10. Hi Earl: As you know i usually can only relate to these things through the memories of my own past experiences. I recollect being in this place from time to time where all is oneness and there is a profound sense of unity and caring for me as an individual soul. But then I am of the opinion is that most artists and creative people have had similar experiences. In my case this has happened quite often when I embark upon writing projects. It is episodic and temporal though, and when you come back to the material reality that we all experience, you are then self-tasked to interpret the experience and the information given to you during the experience for the benefit of others. That is the life of creative people, and as you know, is a hallmark of the bi-polar personality. It's really tough to discipline one's self so as not to allow that pattern of behavior to bleed over into our everyday relationships and personality. Meditation can lead to these states, as can the judicious use of mind-altering substances, but I have found that patience and private expectation of these experiences will always allow them to occur when they are needed for clarity of self-expression. In the meantime, you can only access and cram as much information into your personal memory banks as possible. Good to talk with you again ! flow....
  11. flowperson

    We're Back!

    Jen, MT... it's starting to feel good again here. So good to see that you're both doing ok. And Jen, i'd go for a combination of 1 & 3. To borrow a phrase, the "vast right wing conspiracy" has many tricks it can use to veil its true intent. flow....
  12. flowperson

    We're Back!

    Hi McKenna...Yeah I've been checking each day in the hopes that TCPC would come back up. It's been such a worthwhile resource in the past for bringing caring people together to discuss their views without overt judgement of their beliefs. Let's trust that this will now continue into the future. flow....
  13. flowperson

    God And Language

    Well said Jen...It would be a so much better world if only people could learn not to be so judgemental so often, myself included. But then...sometimes it just happens that way and seems appropriate for the moment. Love and peace....flow....
  14. flowperson


    Hi Jen... Your "channeled" explanation of the origin documents of the NT make as much sense as anything else I've heard or read. In the absence of time travel it's all something that mere mortals will never know wiith any degree of certainty. But Angels...that's another matter all together. flow....
  15. flowperson

    The Virginia Tech Tragedy

    Jen...I'm so happy that you came back to "channel" The Man as in the days of yore. I agree with what has been said. It is an American tragedy, but not all that surprising considering the environments that our children are raised in. And, this guy really seemed to resent wealthy people. Class warfare ? Not very healthy in so many ways. Yes, things neeed to be done, but how... by who...when...with what money ? Sigh ! flow....