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  1. Okay Paul tried to follow me. People that don't believe in God can never knows their birthday. Why? Because the year and day and month, they are the years telling begin by Jesus birth. So for Atheist it is impossible to used something that doesn't exist. They must go back in their system of beginning to proof how old they really are. An example: I was born on 11-11-1961. So me that believe in God can used this day and year for my existence. Atheist their story don't have a beginning and an end. So simple truth.
  2. If you don't believe in God, you cannot used something that not exist for you as it is so. You must have somewhere to deal with existence. Like this: How the first day come in existence? Why we are here for a short time and living poor then die poor, without no hope? Why I have to die so young and plants living thousand of years? The only book that can show us, is the BIBLE. If there is no God, then there is also no magic. No magicians. So simple truth. There is no healing in the name of Jesus. Open your mind my friend. God love you. If I don't believe in God, and I die, what did I loose if there is no God!! What about if there is a God? Isn't it better to believe in God who there is hope for eternal life? I love you all. I hope that you take the best move. God bless you and everyone that have read this message. end-times-prophecy.org
  3. That is believing in Jesus for using something that not exist. So, I will keep praying for you. Jesus love you.
  4. God has make everything including the days. The first day of creation. It doesn't matter which Bible is better, search on Google which Bible is closer to the original. Scholars have already do it. Only you just go to Google or Wikipedia. They have the pictures for you. For me it is very important to not to used anything that I don't believe into it, as my birthday or any other days. If you follow the Christian item is it pagan or not, show me from your believe how old you are my friend.
  5. My friend, it is not about choosing. It is what they have found what was left or hide. And God self has protected the rest of the old scriptures that we have today. Why the 66 books? Because they have determined that if the other scriptures that the founded, they don't need to write an other new Bible to put them in it. What we have is enough to put or trust in. Ask yourself why the devil didn't destroy the scriptures that we have now. The sick people that don't heal, is because they don't have true faith. Go on YouTube and search for emanuel tv. How old are you accordance to yours believe? Don't used Christians calendar. Because you don't believe in Jesus.
  6. Joseph My friend the BIBLE. Believe what is written in the Bible and follow Jesus. Ask yourself why till today all sick people are still healing in the name of Jesus. If there was magician in the time before Jesus in the Bible and till today they are doing magic, why is it difficult to trust God? I have a question for you: How old are you? But used an Atheist calendar to show me your age.
  7. Okay, then we don't have much to say my friend.
  8. I'm preparing for the New World Order and One Religion.
  9. My brother, do you think that God cannot tell you to write down, what He is going to tell you what will happen in the future? What about Daniel? John the revelator (Revelation)? And many more, and also in different period of times. One more question: Are you sure that your birthday is real? I have born on 11-11-1961. I'm sure of my birthday.
  10. I understand the science of evolution. Now I have question for you. When you see this movie, imagine that I'm the one that ask questions, and you have to answered my questions. If you don't see it is because you don't have an open mind. The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD I hope and pray for you to see it with an open mind.
  11. Man was created from the DUST my friend. He was created by God that was always. God doesn't have a beginning and an end.
  12. Hi, they are not 2 different stories. Genesis 1 tell us how it everything was created. And Genesis 2 tell us how the story continues. So Moses now is telling us what more things that God have done when He have finished His creation. You see that God have given them a commandment. It is just like movie, it takes months for make it, but it isn't longer then 2 hours. Just think here a moment. Creation. Adam and Eve. Kain and Abel. Noah and the Flood. The Tower of Babel. 2000 BC Abraham go to Palestine, ca. 1900. Born of Isaac. Born of Esau and Jacob. 1800 BC The 12 tribe and all their families in Egypt. They became slaves in Egypt. 1600 BC Moses take the Israelites out of Egypt. If you see here my friend, this is the how we have the story of the beginning of this world till Moses. Moses has wrote this first 5 books. Only God knows the past and the future completely. It is the same that you are going to write the story of your life. The first 5 years you don't know nothing of your live. Your parents has told you. I hope that you have understand me.
  13. Burl, God can never fail. He is the creator, and if He will make you knew, nothing can stop Him. Do you think that God is powerless? The Bible is not a simple book that we read like the other books. The Bible was written by 66 authors in different period of time. My friend Jesus is coming soon, I don't know what is your doubts. Look what God has says in Isaiah 45:9-13.
  14. I'm ready for everything my brother. I can answer all questions Biblical. I really want to know your spiritual path my brother. Sorry for my English, because I'm not an English man. I'm new here and I tried to understand all the rules. Thanks.
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