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  1. 1.) No place in Scripture states or even implies "All Men Are Created Equal." 2.) No place in Scrupture states or demonstrates anyone has "Inalienable Rights To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." 3.) The Names of God and Jesus are not written in America's Founding Documents. 4.) No Scripture is cited within The Founding Documents. 5.) None of the specified features of America's Government or system of voting to elect its leaders is from Scripture. 6.) America was founded upon genocide of Native Americans, involuntary slavery via human trafficking, theft, White Supremacy, political deception, rebellion against Kingly authority, and military conquest for economic gain. None of this is taught or commanded in Scripture. 7.) Godliness in Scripture specifies that Christians are to "Love Your Enemies," not to kill them as British Soldiers. 8.) America was not founded as a Theocracy upon the Mosaic Torah, which is the only way a True Theocracy can exist under God, and has been historically limited to the Hebrew Nation of Ancient Isreal. 9.) The Symbology and official buildings of America were heavily influenced by Freemasonry, with a majority of its Founding Fathers being Masons, and its founding dates being directly linked to European Masonry. Freemasonry serves the program of Lucifer. 10.) America's Founding Documents were assembled and ratified after much debate, conflict of ideology, and compromise, which in no manner shows the earmarkings of how God creates and directs Divinely purposed endeavors. 11.) America's Founding Documents were purposefully constructed to supposedly protect its Citizens from Government Corruption and abuse. No such Government founded upon the inevitable weakness of human nature can be called "Godly In Principle." 12.) No person today can readily cite what are the presumed "Godly Principles" upon which America was founded.
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