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  1. Thank you for your responses. I look forward to getting into deeper discussions and learning from "the wisdom of the crowd".
  2. Hello All- I am a thoughtful, logical Christian. Technically United Methodist, but more liberal than the leadership of this denomination. Read a lot of Spong and agree with most of his stuff, but not sure I can live with how remote his God is. Also reading a lot of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest- who tracks along with Spong on most things, but for him Christ is everywhere and in everything, just waiting for us to realize it and accept it. I have been frustrated in trying to find a group to have civil discussions with about theology. I think we all learn and benefit from open discussion, but A) it is not something most of my family or friends want to talk about and those who are connected to our church only want to talk about "what" God is doing in their lives, not "whether" God is active in their lives. I am hoping that this is place where I can compare thoughts and insights with others with a similar interest? Is that the case?
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