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  1. Good point! I can bring some of my own "lived experience" to Holy Week this year. Thank you—I hadn't thought of it that way. Thank you, Paul and Burl, for the warm welcomes!
  2. Hello Heidi—lovely to meet you! I'm a new member as well, and I have also thoroughly enjoyed exploring the writings of John Shelby Spong. I'm currently a largely stay-at-home mother of one, though I am juggling some online university studies and some part-time seasonal work during this time. My community is somewhat small and rural, though I am fortunate in that it is nonetheless quite diverse. While I may not be a perfect match to your checklist, I hope you will feel free to get in touch if ever you like! Best wishes, Miriam
  3. Greetings! My name is Miriam, and I have only recently come to reclaim the Christian label in my spiritual life. Coming from a more fundamentalist background, I have had to take time to reflect on my experiences of Christianity from a safe distance before re-engaging with organized religion. The writings of such authors as Rob Bell and John Shelby Spong have been a valuable support in that process. I am grateful to have recently found a local church group that accepts and supports me as an eclectic, progressive Christian, and I now hope to build on that experience by connecting to wider discussions of faith online. I am also in the process of developing a blog that focuses on engaging with faith through questions, so I hope that learning from fellow members will help to better inform my writing in the future. I look forward to taking part!
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