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    Sauna, Sports, Reading, Yoga and meditation, Bluegrass Playing and Listening, Singing, Traveling and learning languages - Of course my family is ongoing and is more than just an interest because I love 'em. With that, my final interest is practicing conscious thankfulness for being.
  1. That damn mushroom!

    Greetings everyone! I have been trying to reorganize my theology after participating in a Johns Hopkins Study for Religious Leaders almost 2 years ago. I have been in the "organized?" section of the religious grocery store, fuctioning as a pastor in the ELCA for 25 years. The experience has opened me up in ways I had never thought possible. I have been reading Paul Tillich's three volume tome and keeping my eyes open for new writers/thinkers of that flavor. I came across one of Spong's books in a used bookstore. In my old life I would never have touched that book but now it speaks wagon loads of truth to me. I have been intrigued enough to continue following this magical thread of new discovery that was opened for me with the help of psilocybin and the great folks at Johns Hopkins. I was open with my council about participating in this study. Out of 10 people there were two that didn't want me to do it. One of the two has left the church because pastors shouldn't be taking drugs! The other has forgotten about it. Meanwhile I have been enjoying the freedom that exegetical philosophy injects into my Christian Theology. A world has opened up to me that didn't exist before. I am married to a wonderfully creative and beautiful woman whom I love and with whom we have four beautiful children (2boystwins&2girls) and one extra beautiful grandson. I am exceptionally interested in talking to anyone who may have also participated in the Johns Hopkins study for religious leaders or in one of the other research driven studies which use psilocybin or LSD, that are currently being conducted in research sites throughout the world.