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  1. Sorry if I am repeating themes here but do people have personal experiences of prayers being answered? I know this is a subjective experience but I am doubtful if prayer is more of a meditative experience that we get benefit from as opposed to something that a higher power responds to.
  2. Where is the PM situation so I can ask more questions !
  3. Thank you. A mothers love sure is incredible. It's going to take me a while to settle into not being at the whim of the universe whilst tying to create love, safety and routine for my little ones.
  4. Thank you Paul this is very helpful !! I am a mental health social worker/psych and have no issues at all accessing regular support as I have to face a lot of tough things in my job. I didn't get anxiety or depression when they were babies, quite the opposite! I was in a big blissful bubble until 6 months ago (they are now 2 and 4). I believe a combination of turning 30, my complex work challenges and simply loving them and life so much has lead to my existential difficulties. Your post has helped as i need to consider that it is natural to bring children into this world and love hopefully is the overarching component behind and to our existence (and hopefully the spiritual domain). It can't all be on me!! Thanks.
  5. Hi Jospeh, can i ask more about the astral projection and powerful moments? You could email me personally if you don't want to post. I am just curious thats all! Thanks
  6. Hello, i am a 30 year old mum of 2 year old and 4 year old. Although i have never really had spiritual peace i believe that since becoming a mother i have become more existentially anxious. I love my children so much that it is quite overwhelming. I feel a big burden that i brought them into this beautiful yet complex world. i am wondering if you know of any good books, pod casts etc anything for children to introduce them to spirituality in an open and relaxed manner (not dogmatic and non specific). Does anyone have any tips in regard how to overcome my guilt as a parent for not having all the answers (let alone the answers that humans have been seeking since the dawn of time). I know from a biological point of view obviously most of us are meant to have children (hence why we are all here). From a soulful point of view i feel a massive weight on my heart that i brought these two wonderful people into the world and now what..... so many unknowns ! Any tips or words of progressive wisdom appreciated
  7. Hi Paul and others, I am not craving certainty but I certainly am searching for more. Many of my friends and hundreds of my clients have had either a spiritual experience, interaction with a medium or some sort of powerful moment which has made them believe that there is more to the world than the material reductionist point of view. Many of these people identify as agnostic and have not experience grief or a particular fear of death (which fascinates me). Some are mental health professionals and very rational, they often talk quite simply and humbly about what they felt, saw or experience. It fascinates me! Thanks for all the comments !
  8. Hello, I have recently began my search and i am wondering what peoples experiences are with mediums and psychics. I have talked to a lot of people (including Christians and progressive Christians) who have seen or felt spirits. Furthermore, many of these people have had good experiences with mediums and psychics who also have a connection with Jesus. I personally have never see or felt anything. My worry is that there is nothing......i was raised in a Baptist church but never felt the presence of god. I have faith but this is based on my fears that their is nothing as opposed to actually having felt or experienced anything. Does anyone have any experiences that they would feel comfortable sharing?
  9. Hello my name is Lani, i was raised a Baptist church that spent a lot of time talking about hell. This caused a lot of anxiety in me as a child and teenager. I left the church at 14 years old. I am now 30 and going thru quite profound change and existential crisis. I am a social worker/psychologist and mother of 2 little boys. I am searching and looking for a community this fits. I stumbled across this webpage and the 8 points of progressive Christianity really resonate with me. I look forward to touching base with everyone and learning about this emerging faith.
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