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    Jesus made a way?

    This is what I don't understand about the overwhelm logic which I've believed to but it doesn't fit with this story. Today many don't complellty see Jesus as the messiah like Thomas. But it describes the scene where Jesus appears to him and Jesus offers his scares so Thomas can touch. I'm sure this overwhelmed him. I'm sure this convinced Thomas. This and many other statements in the Bible have opened my eyes to see that Jesus died for ALL and made a way for ALL. I don't know how Jesus is giving the billlions of people over time who don't know him a choice (not be overwhelmed choice). But he did do it for Thomas according to scripture. Somehow He is giving all others a choice maybe without them being overwhelmed. I don't know. But i don't agree with many of my fellow Christians who say if you don't believe in Jesus you go to hell. Our loving God would not breath life into his child knowing he would be in a place, not know Jesus, the end up in a place without God. Which is hell. The absence of God. Jesus is the answer to this by making a way for ALL. I just haven't been able to explain how.
  2. Jeb711

    Jesus made a way?

    1st time post. Appreciate feedback on this. I've long struggled with the idea that all people who don't know or believe in Jesus are damned. Someone who knew Jesus well, Thomas, said he didn't believe Jesus was alive. So He was saying he didn't believe Jesus was the messiah or God. Even after all he had heard from Jesus. He didn't believe but Jesus appeared to Thomas and then Thomas believed. If Jesus did this for him wouldn't it seem He would for all His children who doubt or don't know? I believe it's significant that Jesus said Blessed are those who don't see yet still believe. But are those that don't, really going to hell? Or did Jesus make a way for All? Thoughts?