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    Spiritual growth, animal rights & rescue, arts& crafts, Cajun cooking, jewelry making, movies: sci-fi, horror, great drama, rock & roll & progressive country music, some modern music, home decorating, good friends, little quaint coffee shops, flea markets, antique shops, politics & resistance movement.
  1. New friend here ... Rhonda ... Bonjour

    Thanks for your welcome. Yes, we Cajuns are known for our cooking because I believe we have made it into an art form, lol. I'm not a great cook, but I make a really good shrimp etouffee, chicken & sausage jambalaya, chicken gumbo, & something I call my Cajun fetuccine (with shrimp & tasso). In fact I made the fetuccine thing for my Brother tonight & he loved it. Glad to be a part of your online community. R
  2. New friend here ... Rhonda ... Bonjour

    Thanks for your welcome. Never been to Australia, but if I was a traveling person, I would definitely go there.
  3. New friend here ... Rhonda ... Bonjour

    Thanks for your welcome ... I'm in Jennings, LA. But my favorite Louisiana area is New Orleans, the Big Easy (lived there for 6yrs). Born in Gueydan (the duck festival town). If I run into Boudreaux or Trosclair, I'll pass on your hello, lol.
  4. Hello to everyone. Talking with you from southwest Louisiana. Glad to be part of this community. Hope to make many new friends. Please say Hello.