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    Hi Im so sorry I didnt see a prayer request section ...Im passing some kidney stones and in alot of pain...if you think about it can you please agree with me in prayer that I will be able to pass these stones without going into the hospital...I mean if i have to I will but I would prefer my body to do it on its own...anyway I agree in Jesus name Amen...thank you and God bless you.
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    Hi Im bonnie

    Hi Im bonnie..Ive been searching for quite some time for a place I could "be" and actually be me and I feel pretty lucky to have found this forum.Havent felt at home in other christian forums and churches in town..though there is a Universalist church I found recently that I might try.Im pretty introverted...on the freespirited side..as odd as it is to say Im a freespirited introvert.I really love walking and writing..I really love feeding and watching birds ..in my situation /area I dont get to do it as much but when I do I really enjoy the surprise .Anyway its nice to meet you.