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  1. tom, Yes, please share some of your reading suggestions if you would. I will reply more to your thoughts soon concerning this topic. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me and sharing your views/thoughts/beliefs. -Matthew
  2. Thank you for your welcome, Joseph.
  3. thormas, Thank you for your reply. That is a vast question, but I will begin to chip away at it here: I see God, the Father, as the creator of the universe via the Big Bang, his design for evolution part of the design. But, although I say "Father", that is merely a cultural concept and nomenclature; God is a he/she/it, a metaphysical, energy source, not a humanoid being in any way. I see Jesus as his son, from him, but not him, literally. I do not believe I have to sign-on with in any certain religion (or specific dogma within a denomination) to be "saved"; it is much more complex than that in my view and metaphysical. In many ways I consider all religions simply extensions and tribal creations of Homo Sapiens, created, and relative to each culture. They all hold general revelations, but none hold an absolute path. The Holy Spirit is a 'ghost" in a sense, disembodied-- but so is the Father. The Holy Spirit is hard to understand and put into words-- in some ways, it is the literal energy that bridges, God, Jesus, and Man/Woman. Yet, it seems to have an actual intelligence, something normal energy (such as an electron) lacks. Mother Mary is special to me; it is due to my cultural background. I do not pray to her-- she is not a deity, but merely the spirit of a very pure, special woman, Jesus' mother. I know she cares for me and I relate to her more than I do to Jesus, honestly. Some people have said to me that the concept of her as immortal/special, etc comes directly from the ancient worship of Aphrodite/Venus. In some ways, that may be true. But, I'm fine with that as an ex-Pagan who worshiped Freya, the Odinic goddess. Yes, I am confused but am trying to understand more clearly and learn the real truth (whatever that may be.) Please feel free to ask me any questions you may wish. Kind regards.
  4. Hello, I've been struggling with my faith in the recent months and feel so far away from the Trinity. It is a very complicated issue, but I will outline it here, briefly: - Ethnically Jewish - Raised Roman Catholic - Went to Catholic schools from grades 1-12 - Militant Atheist from 14-28 years old - At 28, had a revelation from God - Accepted the concept of God, but did not embrace church nor Christianity - Pagan/Odinist for a few years - Converted to Christianity approximately 3-4 years ago Last Summer, I felt closest to God/Trinity/Mary I have ever felt. It was beautiful. In recent months, while observing the actions and words of American "Christians" (Evangelical Protestants and Right-Wing Catholics), I have abandoned the Church. But, I still pray to/speak to the Trinity and Mary. I am going through a spiritual crisis and joined this site as it is the closest I can find to my own status: Left-leaning, Socialist. I have no interest what-so-ever in attending a physical church-- I am convinced it is filled to the brim with Pharisees. In fact, I question why I ever converted to Christianity in the first place; I am ashamed that I did in many ways. If I were to align with an actual church, it would be the Roman Catholic Church (as I consider it the only true Church, although it is also ripe with major issues. I will admit, I am highly-biased against Protestantism, although it is Protestantism that led me to Christ. I know, that is very contradictory.) But, those Earthly divisions are not important; Christ can speak through all believers and does so. I am battling with my faith and which direction to go (Also, please note: I will admit, I've never accepted that Jesus is actually "God", only part of God and sent from God. I see him as teacher/Rabbi, enlightened, and a revolutionary.) Thank you in advance for any guidance you may share with me. Matty.
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